Renewable Energy

ACT provides reliable, always available, clean, and efficient alternative energy to residential as well as commercial infrastructures.

Cut-down Bills & Maximize Returns on Renewable Energy Investment with ACT

In today’s era of continuously exhausting energy resources, it’s high time for you to take a step towards adapting renewable energy for your residential and commercial infrastructures. Shifting to renewable energy resources not only helps you cut-down electricity bills but also increases your infrastructure value and makes it energy independent. Benefit from maximized return on your renewable energy investment while creating a positive environmental impact with ACT!

With our partner GreenTech Solar – The Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider, ACT is dedicated to helping residential and commercial infrastructures in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands achieve economic and environmental sustainability using renewable energy. ACT offers 3 types of renewable energy solutions – Solar, Wind, and Energy Storage Battery Systems.

Why ACT for Renewable Energy Solutions: Our Proven Process

With our premium partner – GreenTech Solar, ACT can help at every step of your Renewable Energy transition journey. Right from consultation, meticulous system design, and installation to inspection, maintenance, and more, ACT can do it all! Here is our proven process of renewable energy deployment in your residential and commercial structure.


In this stage, ACT helps you to understand the impact, shifting to single or all of the renewable energy solutions, can have on your residential or commercial infrastructure.


We assess your infrastructure to find the most profitable and optimal renewable energy solution for your project.


Based on our assessment, ACT shares different renewable energy solutions along with their estimated price proposals with clearly defined return on investments as per your project requirements.


Once you select the renewable energy deployment option shared with you, an official agreement is signed and the design process begins.


In this step, our highly skilled professionals design the renewable energy system you agreed upon, while ensuring compliance and profitable deployment, for your project requirements to ensure multiple decades of smooth usage.


ACT helps take care of all the approvals required for your renewable energy project – Government, Regulatory as well as Utility.


Our skilled professionals complete the installation of the renewable energy system in your infrastructure. Enjoy low bills with always available and independent renewable energy source while creating a positive impact on the environment.



ACT offers the world’s most efficient and powerful solar panels. Our SunPower solar panels produce 60% more energy than the other solar panels. Use solar panels and energy solutions by ACT to make the most of your renewable energy investment – more power for a longer duration!

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Energy Storage Battery Systems

Benefit from the most advanced and innovative solar energy powered energy storage systems by ACT. We can help you set up, support, and maintain sustainable Energy Storage Battery Systems for your residential, commercial or utility facilities.

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Use wind energy to your infrastructure’s advantage in the most demanding situations. From island & ranches electrification to residential, municipal & commercial deployment and more, ACT can handle all your wind energy project requirements.

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