ACT’s Initiative of Giving Back to our Community

Through its Pillars of Support, ACT hopes to incite philanthropy, inspire action and provoke conversation. We definitely realize that it’s more than just monetary contribution. That’s why we prefer to become a strategic partner to leverage our 30+ years of established trust for supporting societal causes where we know we are adding our unique value that probably can’t be met through any other means. ACT sees the most value in actually being a part of the event or cause to provide our access to resources, expertise, unique effort and impact.

Authentic Inclusion

People with disabilities (15% of the world’s population), as a group, are more likely to experience adverse socio economic upliftment & outcomes than persons without disabilities.

Through our pillar of Authentic Inclusion, ACT aims to break down the stigma attached to people with disabilities to create a warming environment & extend equal opportunities for everyone – not just the majority! Our focus is to join hands with various organizations and use our trust & access to resources for providing growth opportunities to people with different forms of disabilities such as visual impairment to make them feel like equally essential parts of our society.

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Authentic Inclusion: Assistive Technology to Transform the Lives of Low Vision & Blind People Islandwide

Authentic Inclusion: Assistive Technology


Right from our inception in 1989, Education has been an integral part of our initiatives. For instance, ACT has partnered with ABIIT to offer an annual “ACT Scholarship” provided to students seeking their associate’s degree in any Information Technology field.

ACT believes that helping even one student can play a crucial role in the total prosperity of our entire community – one small miracle at a time! This is why we are working towards our core mission of advancing the community every day by helping students pursue their educational goals.

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ACT & iLabGlobal Help Prepare Students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

ndustry 4.0, Are You Ready?”, this question is not only on the minds of many but also this year’s theme for the 2nd annual STEM and Computer Science Week. As technological advancements constantly change the way we live and do business, it is vital for students to be at the cusp of this technological wave. […]

Professional Development

ACT has been working on building the Professional Development of youth in Antigua & Barbuda for more than 30+ years. ACT, since 1989, has been inspiring and training youth in Antigua & Barbuda using our expertise in the field. We join hands with organizations to constantly create career professional development & networking opportunities. ACT is constantly looking out for chances of professional development with the purpose of bringing new faces, seasoned professionals, and industry experts together to collaborate, converse, and create change!

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A Glimpse Back at Youth Empowerment Retreat 2019

n the weekend of July 19th-21st, a group of young men and women between the ages of 18-25 years old gathered, completely unaware of the life skills and personal development they would be challenged with during the weekend ahead. As far as they knew, they were on vacation at a fancy hotel with lots of […]

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