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Solar Energy

Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems Design and Installation Simplified!

25 year Warranty
Up to 60% More Power than Traditional Solar Panels
World’s LOWEST Degradation Rate
#1 Rated Durability

What are Solar Energy Solutions?

In simple words, Solar Energy solutions are cleaner alternatives to traditional energy forms. Conventional energy solutions are dependent on depleting sources like fossil fuels and foreign oil. Besides, these solutions cause a major negative impact on our environment – directly as well as indirectly. The traditional transformation of these sources to energy forms such as electricity cause the emission of polluting gases and require the usage of non-renewable energy resources that are continuously depleting.

Solar Energy solutions can truly transform the way you use energy for residential or commercial usage. They can not only help you to save big bucks on your electricity bills but also can help you establish an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and independent environment for your residential as well as commercial space. You need a Renewable Energy provider who can not only help you strategize, design and setup Solar Energy solutions in your infrastructure but also can maintain and support it to ensure a profitable ROI and its stability in the long run!

Why Solar Energy Solutions by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) is a proud partner of SunPower through GreenTech Solar – The Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider. ACT can help you establish the most optimal Solar Energy solution for your infrastructure – residential as well as commercial. We assess your infrastructure and project requirements to suggest the most profitable Solar Energy solutions for you. From designing Solar Energy solutions for your facility to getting approvals, installation, and more, ACT can do it all! Benefit from ACT’s top-notch custom Solar energy solutions without worrying about design, installation or approval.

Cut-down your hefty electricity bills while establishing a reliable, clean, independent, and sustainable energy source in your residential, municipal or commercial infrastructure using personalized Solar Energy Solutions by ACT! Solar panels by ACT are the most reliable and produce more power than other solar panels. Our SunPower solar panels come with the world’s only ‘full replacement’ product and performance warranty. Our SunPower solar panels can withstand hurricanes and can give double-digits annual Return On Investment (ROI). Contact us to get a quote for your residential, municipal or commercial facility today.

KEY BENEFITS of Solar Energy Solutions by ACT

World’s Only 25-year Full Replacement Product and Performance Warranty

SunPower Panels by ACT through GreenTech Solar come with 25-year full replacement – product & performance warranty. This leaves you rest assured with your long term investment.

Up to 60% More Power than Traditional Solar Panels

SunPower solar panels by ACT output 60% more power than traditional solar panels.

World’s LOWEST Degradation Rate

SunPower solar panels by ACT has the world’s lowest degradation rate; producing more power, longer.

#1 Rated Durability

SunPower solar panels by ACT are rated #1 for their unprecedented durability.


ACT is a one-stop destination for all the Solar Energy needs of your business. We assess, design, get approvals, and handle the installation of custom Solar Energy solutions for your business.


Establish a clean, profitable, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable environment in your business using Solar Energy solutions by ACT.

Maximum ROI

Solar Energy solutions by ACT for your residential & commercial infrastructure can help you get double digits (12-15%) yearly returns on your investment.

Increased Infrastructure Value

Establishing an independent, clean, and sustainable environment using Solar Energy solutions for your infrastructure increases its market value to a great extent!

Zero Electricity Bill

ACT can help you establish a complete and always available Solar Energy system for your home that can help you get rid of electricity bills in your residential or commercial infrastructure.

GreenTech Solar Partner

ACT is a premier partner of SunPower through GreenTech Solar – the Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider.

Did you know?
Our SunPower solar panel solution can help you get a 12-15% annual return on investment and guaranteed return of 250-300% over 25 years.

ACT is a premier partner of SunPower through GreenTech Solar for businesses and residential in Antigua & Barbuda.

In the lieu of depleting energy resources, renewable energy solutions are the future and solar energy solutions should be your first step towards making your residential or commercial infrastructure cleaner and more sustainable. ACT is a one-stop destination for all your renewable energy needs and can help you make the most of your solar energy investment! We have partnered with the industry specialists to deliver the best-in-class solar energy solutions for residential and commercial infrastructures in Antigua & Barbuda. Contact us to get a quote or to know more about our Solar Energy solutions.

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