Renewable Energy

Energy Storage Battery Systems

Get truly self-powered and grid-independent using cleaner, economic and more reliable Energy Storage Battery Systems by ACT.

Powerwall by Tesla Energy
Flexibility: Grid-Tied, Off-Grid and Hybrid
End-to-End: Solar, Wind, Battery

What are Energy Storage Battery Systems?

In today’s electricity-dependent lifestyle and market space, Energy Storage Battery Systems give your residential and commercial space the power to stay fully-functional during a power cut or long-period outage. Unlike the traditional energy storage battery systems that emit harmful greenhouse gases, you need cleaner Energy Storage Battery Systems that can help you establish a reliable source of power, independent of the grid!

Have you ever wondered if your home can run completely on solar energy? Energy Storage Battery Systems, that run on solar or wind energy, can help you make your home self-powered & completely grid-independent. You need an Energy Storage Battery Systems provider who can help choose & set up the perfect solution as per the power backup needs of your facility!

Why Energy Storage Battery Systems by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT is a local and reputable IT & Renewable Energy Solutions provider. With the sole purpose of helping businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands function effectively & profitably using world-grade solutions and services, ACT has partnered with the reputed global providers and industry specialists.

Combined with Solar Panels, Energy Storage Battery Systems by ACT can help you keep the essential loads of your home or the whole home up & running during a power cut or outage. ACT is a premier partner of GreenTech Solar – the Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider which brings global providers – Tesla Energy (Powerwall) and sonnenBatterie for consumers and businesses in Antigua & Barbuda. Choose the future of power. Choose Renewable Energy solutions by ACT. Contact us to get a quote or talk about the Energy Storage Battery Systems needs of your house or business today.

KEY BENEFITS of Energy Storage Battery Systems by ACT


ACT’s Tesla Powerwall solution comes with a 10 year warranty. Tesla guarantees that the battery will maintain at least 70 percent of its capacity to hold a charge during that time period.


Each Tesla Powerwall knows when to charge and when to begin powering your home. Through the Tesla app, you can monitor your home battery and solar production, as well as change your home’s power flow as necessary.

Positive Environmental Impact

Instead of opting for traditional inverters for your facility, Energy Storage Battery Systems by ACT are cleaner and don’t emit harmful greenhouse gases.

Safe & Economic

ACT’s Tesla Powerwall solution is environmentally-friendly and will help you save your hard-earned money spent on paying electricity bills.

Custom Power Backup Solutions

ACT recommends Energy Storage Battery Systems for your residential or commercial facility only after a thorough technical assessment of its backup power needs.


With power backup of 7+ days, become completely grid-independent and self-powered using Energy Storage Battery Systems by ACT – Powerwall by Tesla and sonnenBatterie by Sonnen.

Premier GreenTech Solar Partner

ACT is a premier partner of GreenTech Solar – the Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider. Use ACT’s highly-rated Energy Storage Battery Systems such as Powerwall by Tesla Energy and sonnenBatterie by Sonnen for your home or business in Antigua & Barbuda.

Did you know?
A combination of Powerwalls by Tesla can help you be 100% self-powered.

ACT is a premier partner of Tesla Energy & Sonnen Group through GreenTech Solar to deliver powerful solutions like Powerwall and sonneBatterie in Antigua & Barbuda.

Your residential and commercial facility needs a cleaner, more reliable, economical, and sustainable power and backup power solution. ACT is an end-to-end provider of Renewable Energy Solutions and Energy Storage Battery Systems. Use world-class Energy Storage Battery Systems – Powerwall by Tesla and sonnenBatterie though our partner GreenTech Solar to become truly self-powered & grid-independent! Contact us to get a quote on our Energy Storage Battery Systems today!

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