Benefits of Including a UPS in Every Electrical Job

Benefits of Including a UPS in Every Electrical Job

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No matter which industry your business functions in, electricity powers every essential and non-essential aspect of your offices. As such, it becomes important to ensure complete and reliable power backup to these pieces of machinery or electrical appliances of a typical office.

Besides, it is super important for electrical contractors to ensure that their work assignments are completely reliable for their clients.

Electronic devices are part and parcel of our daily lives today, from powering heavy-duty machinery such as the elevator to the many electrical appliances we find in the typical office or home.

For electrical contractors, this reliance on electricity presents both an opportunity for more work assignments, as well as the responsibility of ensuring that clients’ critical applications are kept operating smoothly.

In this article, we will be talking about a few benefits of including a UPS in every electrical job. Let’s begin!

Power Backup – A Necessity For Every Industry

This is quite simple. Look around. How many essential or non-essential equipment can you actually spot that doesn’t require electricity? 

Better yet, if you function from an industrial building, consistent and always available electrical supply becomes absolutely necessary. Let’s look at two major categories of businesses.

If you offer enterprise services and/or products, you would need 24/7 electrical supply to your essential appliances – data centres, critical cooling, etc., and non-essential appliances – printers, scanners, etc.

On the other hand, if you offer consumer services and/or products, you need 24/7 electrical supply at POS, refrigeration & storage, etc.

Most businesses have specific equipment that needs 24/7 electrical supply to function properly and to avoid major equipment and data loss. UPS becomes very important in such cases. UPS provides a quick, consistent supply of power when your mains power supply fails.

Avoiding Equipment Failure

As we were discussing the importance of uninterrupted power supply above, UPS becomes very crucial when it comes to the lifetime of your expensive equipment, especially here in Antigua and in other Caribbean islands. Here’s why!

The reliability of any electrical grid reduces significantly as it moves closer to your place of business – your essential or non-essential systems. Most of the times, there are no default power redundancies in the connection between your business and the nearest power substation. 

As such, any minor or major failure can cause disruption in the functioning of your entire business infrastructure. Having said that, did you know that unpredictable & frequent power outages can permanently damage your electrical appliances?

This becomes costly, especially for businesses that rely on heavy equipment for their day-to-day operations. As such, it becomes the responsibility of electrical contractors to ensure that every electrical appliance lasts longer and functions at its best possible efficiency.

For instance, backup batteries used by most businesses are not technically designed to be completely drained of electricity and must be connected to a constant source of electricity – either from a UPS or any other source.

Consistent Power Supply

The reliability of commercial electricity supply depends on multiple factors such as the stability of your electrical wiring. Basically the cause of power outages can be multiple – natural interruption, grid failure, and much more. Having a UPS for every electrical job helps electrical contractors to ensure that their clients benefit from all the appliances in their entirety.

Be it the functioning of security cameras, emergency lightings or access control systems, UPS makes sure that the functioning of your business doesn’t completely depend on the commercial power supply which is not completely reliable.

Most smart UPS are also equipped with software that sends you notifications, in advance, to inform you about any malfunctioning that might directly or indirectly impact your business.

Besides, as electrical contractors, giving your clients peace of mind alongside ensuring that they benefit the best-in-class is a must. Installing UPS with every electrical job is a way of implementing an “always-on” electrical system that your clients can truly benefit.

It also becomes the job of every electrical contractor to advise their clients on the advantages of UPS and educating them on why UPS should be a part of every new/old installation of electrical appliances.

Wrapping It Up

At the end of the day, a significant part of how frequently you get new clients/projects depends on your reputation in your area and industry. The reputation of you or your company definitely depends on how reliable your electrical installation or any other job is and UPS definitely has a major role to play in this. 

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