Enterprise Power & Cooling Solutions

Keep your business secrets safe and always efficiently running with our uninterrupted power & effective cooling solutions..

Minimize Downtime & Maximize Availability for Better Experience

In today’s competitive market space, every second of server downtime results in a bad experience for your consumers and clients. With increasing stress and stakes on your data centre and servers, you need modern technology power and cooling solutions to ensure their proper and efficient functioning. Maintain a consistent uptime record to set a bar for your competitors and make your mark in the industry.

We bring 30 years of industry experience to the table

ACT is a certified APC by Schneider Electric Premier Partner & Service facility. We serve businesses with our 30 years of industry experience as a power & cooling solution provider. From highly reliable Data Centre UPS and Single Phase UPS to complete Critical Cooling solutions using air cooling system and more, ACT can do it all!


Core/Data Centre UPS

ACT offers Next-Generation Firewalls that closely monitor your network’s traffic to identify and eliminate any possible threats at an early stage. Boost security, enhance visibility and prevent advanced cyber threats from spreading using our smart next-generation firewalls.

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Achieve greater security, boost productivity and reduce costs using complete network visibility to isolate known and unknown viruses, malware and cyber threats. Consistently monitor & identify vulnerable endpoints, apply security patches, and enforce cybersecurity compliances to restore their integrity using Endpoint Protection & Management by ACT.

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Critical Cooling

We offer customized & powerful end-to-end critical cooling solutions for networking rooms and data centres of businesses. Right from containment & air distribution to room air cooling systems, air conditioners and more. Enterprise cooling solutions are a core element of ACT’s offerings.

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