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Residential and Commercial Tier 1 Wind Energy Systems Design and Installation Simplified!

Premier Partner of XZERES & BarberWind Turbines
Powerful Wind Turbines (Up to 50kW)
10 Years Warranty
Smooth & Quiet Operation

What are Wind Energy Solutions?

The wind is a free, cleaner, and abundantly available form of renewable energy. The consistent dependency of our ecosystem on non-renewable energy forms has made them costlier and exhausting. The idea of wind energy solutions is to harness the power of wind and turn it into energy. In simple words, the wind turbine’s blades store the wind energy and convert it into forms of energy commercial infrastructures, farms, ranches, & more are most dependent on – electricity. 

Using wind energy to support your residential or commercial infrastructure will not only prevent air pollution but will also build a more reliable, sustainable and independent energy source in the long run. You need a Wind Energy solutions provider who can help you efficiently utilize wind energy, even in the most demanding situations & locations.

Why Wind Energy Solutions by ACT?

ACT is a local and reputable IT & Renewable Energy Solutions provider. With 30+ years of industry experience, ACT is dedicated to helping businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands function more efficiently and profitably using world-grade services and products. ACT believes that Wind Energy solutions can and should be applied in practically every situation. As long as there is adequate wind and a requirement for a sustainable & renewable source of electricity, ACT can offer a Wind Energy solution that best fits your requirements.

ACT is a proud partner of GreenTech Solar – the Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider. With GreenTech Solar, ACT helps residential & commercial infrastructures, farms, healthcare facilities, telecom towers, water treatment plants, and more, establish an environmentally-friendly, sustainable, cost-effective, and always available electricity supply using custom Wind Energy solutions. Our top-notch wind turbines are the most powerful and made to withstand the most demanding situations and come with industry-grade warranties. Contact us to know more or get a quote on our Wind Energy solutions today.

KEY BENEFITS of Wind Energy Solutions by ACT

Premier GreenTech Solar Partner

ACT is a proud partner of XZERES & BarberWind Turbines through GreenTech Solar – The Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider.

End-to-end Provider

ACT is a one-stop destination for all your Wind Energy needs. We can assess, design, get approvals, and handle the installation of wind turbines in your infrastructure as per your requirements.

Unparalleled Performance

Tier 1 Wind Turbines by ACT are powerful and can be used at all locations with the right configuration for farms, ranches, telecom towers, industrial parks, & island electrification and more. Our Wind Energy solutions by ACT are designed and configured for optimized performance, 100% safety and trouble-free operation.

Best ROI

All forms of Renewable Energy solutions come with impressive Return On Investment (ROI).

Operational Simplicity

Wind Energy solutions are completely reliable and sustainable. Our wind turbines are impactful and are very easy to operate.

Positive Environmental Impact

Besides being a reliable and sustainable energy alternative, Wind Energy solutions have a positive environmental impact. Our Wind Turbines are completely recyclable and can help you reduce your carbon footprint to a great extent.

Custom Wind-Energy Solutions

Do you have any constraints or special requirements with your Wind Energy project? ACT can help you establish and benefit from a Wind Energy infrastructure customized as per your project requirements!

Did you know?
Wind turbines by XZERES & BarberWind Turbines come with 10 years of warranty.

ACT is a premier partner of XZERES & BarberWind Turbines through GreenTech Solar for Wind & other Renewable Energy solutions in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands.

The urgency of adopting cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy has become more relevant than ever. ACT can help you fuel your residential, municipal, and commercial infrastructures – farms, ranches, telecom towers, business parks, and more. With our partner – XZERES & BarberWind Turbines through GreenTech Solar, ACT offers Tier 1 Wind Turbines and end-to-end custom Wind Energy solutions. Contact us to know more and to get a quote of our Wind Energy Solutions today.

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