ACT’s Solutions Can Provide a Springboard for Entrepreneurs and Young Professionals

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Since its groundwork was laid thirty (30) years ago, ACT’s core mission has lied in optimizing business operations in order to keep companies on track in the present, and ahead of the game for the future. We exist to not only provide solutions, but to equip the community with the competency and confidence to implement technology into daily functions.

EntrepreneurshipFrom sturdy network creation tailored for your company to equipment maintenance and optimization, right down to simple office equipment and supplies, ACT thrives on simplifying the professional atmosphere. We’ll fortify your confidence in technology to cultivate productive decisions that’ll not only bring your company forward but help you continuously foster growth in the future.

Discover Technology That Will Put Your Business in Motion
When it comes to running a successful business, there are important decisions to be made regarding hardware. We understand that each business has a different core mission with an emphasis on certain processes, and the team at ACT will develop a high-caliber tech game-plan tailored case by case. Personalization is the key to each of our unique solutions.

ACT is your one-stop-shop for discovering the latest technology that will enable business processes and boost efficiency. We encourage you to pick the brains of our professionals and educate yourself on what hardware you need to either get your business off the ground or improve existing processes that have fallen short of your expectations.

Browse our extensive inventory of electronics including  
UPS’s – Keep your data safe in case your main power source is lost with our reliable UPS’s.
Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets – Handle any task with our wide-range of professionally-capable computers.
Servers – Manage network resources without hassle.
Printers, Paper, and Ink – Make office processes clean and simple.
Projectors – Showcase your business ideas on a larger scale with our pristine-quality projectors.
And much, much more!


We are always enthused to discuss your initiatives and discover ways in which you are changing the course of the professional and technological environments. Stop in and see what we can discover together!   

Overwhelming Software Solutions Made Easy
A successful business doesn’t simply come from building a customer base and providing a demanded service to the masses. Business data needs to be protected, high-quality service needs to be maintained, and efficiency and relevancy are of the utmost importance.

ACT offers an extensive array of services that get your business online and functioning, as well as streamline essential operations and protect your valuable company data.

Take advantage of our services and protect the integrity of your business. Our expertise ensures efficiency with reliable network services and made-to-measure enterprise solutions.
Enterprise Software Solutions – We’ll assess business operations, for companies big or small, and recommend or invent solutions to optimize your company’s systems.
Networking – Complete design and implementation of a sturdy network based on your facility and needs, including wireless access points and switching.
Internet – We’ll help you stay connected and on top of your tasks with reliable internet connections that ensure smooth sailing.
UPS Services – Installation, maintenance and support of your UPS to guarantee that if you lose power, you don’t lose data.
Cybersecurity – If you’re operating a business with multiple computers, your data could be at risk. We’ll help you fortify your cybersecurity and enforce longevity for your business and its irreplaceable files.
Mobile App Development – Let us help you take advantage of this exciting new method of business expansion. We’ll assist you in bringing your app ideas to fruition.
Cloud Capabilities – With the arrival of cloud computing comes the opportunity to decrease capital costs. We’ll assist you by leveraging our data centre services to knock down monetary barriers and get your business going.

We are thrilled to see that there are so many entrepreneurs putting their business ideas into motion, and we consider ourselves lucky to be a part of the movement.

ACT exists to push initiatives forward and eliminate inhibitions that might be formed as a result of technological incompetence. We’ll educate you on the processes and functions of technology and keep you up to date as they change from day to day. With a mixture of your brave ambition and our dedication to advancement, together we can bring the community into the future.

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