Investing in Today’s Youth Through Technology at the Jaycees Queen Show

2 min read | Professional Development

For the past 30 years, Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) has become Antigua’s largest and most reliable single-source technology provider. Our mission is to bring our community into the future through technology, continuously striving to make a positive technological impact for our customers and beyond. Understanding the importance and value of implementing technology into daily life, we’re constantly on the cutting-edge of tech research and development, taking our customers and community members into the future of technology.

We’re thrilled to continue our positive impact by supporting the 58th Annual Jaycees Queen Show on Wednesday, the 31st of July. A non-profit organization, a pageant, and an integral part of Antigua’s Carnival, Jaycees Queen Show fosters unity amongst the Caribbean Islands through art, music, drama, and cultural expression, while highlighting contestants from across the region to promote gender equality and empower women through pageantry. Celebrating women spanning ages 18-40, Jaycees Queen Show selects contestants that are actively engaged and committed to creating a positive impact within their communities.

For over 10 years, we, at ACT, have partnered with the Jaycees Queen Show, and we’re very pleased to continue our support by donating a Lenovo laptop to the winner of this year’s pageant. Now more than ever, a laptop is essential for our youth, and we’re thrilled to provide the pageant winner with the opportunity to stay ahead in tech. We believe that this laptop will assist the winner in her efforts to empower and advocate for herself, as well as women throughout the community.

Projects like these are essential for our youth to develop leadership skills, and to experience the benefits of being active citizens within the community. We believe that technology is the most powerful platform for continuing the dialogue of positive impact and change — after all, if we empower and invest in our youth today, we are investing in a better tomorrow.

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