ACT & Nolan Hue – Commitment to the Community and Tomorrow’s Leaders

2 min read | Professional Development


CT is active in the community. As we help pave the way towards a positive push in professional development of our youth, our relationships grow and the community thrives. Recently, we paired up with Nolan Hue for their Resolution 2019 Transformation Young Professionals Networking Event at Sticky Wicket on Thursday, January 3. Their message and mission for empowerment and the potential of our future leaders is one ACT stands with and supports wholeheartedly. We couldn’t have been prouder to pair up with such a meaningful team.

The Nolan Hue event was outstanding and uplifting, where communication was at the core of bringing new faces and seasoned professionals together to collaborate, converse, and create change. Professional development, which is one of ACT’s four Key Pillars of Support, was the event’s primary focus, and with our care, commitment, and contributions, we were honored to help Nolan Hue achieve its goals set forth for the exciting evening. Donations and giveaways are only part of the picture; the heart of the matter lies in building unbreakable bonds and forming the foundation for a bright and prosperous future for young professionals in Antigua and Barbuda – the focus of the recent Sticky Wicket event.

We encourage you to continue to follow our informational blog for updates on partnerships and events like these. Your valued and appreciated support help us carry on our mission, and the spirit of the success stories as well as the road to arriving there are truly inspiring. Subscribe to our blog and see what ACT is all about and come back often for new posts and photos.

Please feel free to take a look at the photos captured at the Nolan Hue event. Browse through and take a glimpse at what the future brings. You will feel the energy of the interactions, the teachable moments, and the drive for a better tomorrow. Students are surrounded by educators. Philanthropy is powerful and leads to endless possibilities. And ACT is at the forefront of what’s to come. Together, we can bring our community into the future.