Want To Score Deals On Electronics This Christmas?

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Look No Further – RadioShack & ACT Have What You Need!


he holidays are about giving, right? This holiday season, you owe it to yourself to score the very best discounted deals on 2018’s most exciting tech and electronic gifts for Christmas. Our gift to you is simple – we’re looking to provide you with tremendous discounts on some of this year’s hottest technology and electronics, so that you can maximize your holiday budget and find a gift for every person on your list! And trust us, we’ve got you on our list too!

With savings of up to $500, you can be sure that this Christmas will be the best one yet! View our list of this year’s 10 best discounted gifts and make your purchase while supplies last! Be sure to visit one of our four ACT and RadioShack locations to find these products on our shelves!

Check out the list below!

  1. Lenovo 15.6” Laptop – $1499, Discounted to $1299!

Lenovo 15.6” Laptop


Get this 15.6” laptop with a 1.6 GHz Intel Processor, 4GB of RAM, Intel HD Graphics, and 500GB of space on a Hard Disk Drive for a tremendous discount! Click the link to learn more!





  1. RadioShack 6” Phablet/Smartphone – $599, Discounted to $499!

RadioShack Smartphone


If you purchase this brand new RadioShack 6” Phablet/Smartphone, you’ll receive a FREE Bluetooth speaker! And better yet,, it comes with a leather case and a pair of headphones! Click the link to learn more!





  1. Sharp 50” 4K Smart TV – $2499, Discounted to $1999!

Sharp 50


This year, Smart TV’s are all the rage! And if you want to get one for your loved one, that special someone, or yourself, we’ve discounted one of the best ones on the market! Click the link to learn more!




  1. RadioShack 7” Tablet with 3G SIM – $499, Discounted to $399!

RadioShack 7


As one of our top-12 gifts for this year’s holiday season, we’re happy to announce this amazing discount! This tablet comes equipped with a stunning IPS display, WiFi connectivity, and 3G technology, so that the user of this powerful handheld tablet will never lose their connection. Click the link to learn more!



  1. HP i3 Laptop – $2199, Discounted to $1899!

HP i3 Laptop


For one of the hottest laptops on the market this holiday season, look no further than our discounted HP laptop! This powerful machine comes with an Intel i3 Processor, 8GB of high-speed RAM, and a 128GB solid state drive for storage! Click the link to learn more!



  1. Samsung Galaxy J2 – $599, Discounted to $499!



As the smartphone market heats up, be sure to get your hands on our discounted Samsung Galaxy J2 smartphone! Click the link to learn more!



  1. Xbox One S 1TB Console with 2 Controllers – $1999, Discounted to $1799!

Xbox One S 1TBIn the world of gaming, it doesn’t get much better than the Xbox One S! This immensely powerful console comes equipped with a massive 1TB hard drive to store games, music, movies, pictures, and apps! And better yet, this discounted product comes with 2 controllers! Click the link to learn more!




  1. Lenovo i3 15.5” Laptop – $1999, Discounted to $1699!

Lenovo i3 15.5


Get your hands on a great multipurpose laptop this holiday season. With an Intel i3 Processor, 4GB of Ram, a 1TB hard disk drive for storage, and a beautiful display, what more could you ask for? Click the link to learn more!




  1. Sharp 55” 4K Smart TV – $2999, Discounted to $2499!

Sharp 55” 4K Smart TV


Sharp makes one of the best TV products on the market, so why not buy one as a gift for that special someone. This brand new model comes equipped with Smart technology and will certainly hold up for years to come. And at a discount of $500, what’s not to like? Click the link to learn more!



  1. Ematic 10” Quad-Core Tablet – $499, Discounted to $449!

Ematic Android Tablet



The tablet market is steaming hot this holiday season, so be sure to get your hands on the all new Ematic 10” tablet! Powered by a quad-core processor and better yet – at a price that anyone can afford! Click the link to learn more!


And be sure not to forget that you’ll receive a FREE speaker and two dips when you purchase any RadioShack branded smartphone this holiday season. Why not make your money work for you? Let’s get started shopping today!

Did you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, but still have some extra cash set aside to buy yourself a well-deserved Christmas gift? Learn more about some really cool gifts that won’t break your wallet! Also, take a look at our online catalogue or stop into our store, we just know you’ll find the perfect gift for the best someone on your list – YOU! Don’t have the extra cash? No worries, we have financing options available!

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