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he holiday season is here! ‘Tis the season of spreading love, goodwill, cheer and, of course, an exciting time for giving gifts to your friends, family, and loved ones.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, we know just how long it can take to find it. For that very reason, we’ve done all the work for you! We’ve put together a list of the twelve hottest electronics and gifts that ACT and RadioShack have in stock this holiday season. Don’t worry, all of the gifts have great prices, so you can get yourself something this Christmas too!

Check out the list below and make a choice that will make your loved ones feel extra special. Better yet, visit our stores, where a warm greeting awaits you, and endless options await.
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Twelve Top Gift Picks of 2018
In line with 2018’s 12 Days of Christmas, we’ve put together a list of this year’s top-12 gift ideas that can serve as the perfect gift for that special someone. And even better, these awesome products come at an affordable price-point that certainly won’t break your wallet this Christmas! Remember – Gift More, Get More!

1. 10W Bluetooth Speaker & Radio – $85


For the music lovers, this 10W Bluetooth Speaker & Radio is where it’s at! With 10 Watts of maximum power, your loved one will be sure to crank up the volume and rock! It features Bluetooth technology with an operating range of up to 10 meters and has inputs for both USB and SD cards. Click the link to learn more!



2. Bluetooth Earphones with Mic & Charging Base – $149

max base


If you’ve got another music lover in your life, or someone who just can’t resist listening to some upbeat music while they complete their next workout, these Bluetooth Earphones with Mic & Charging Base should be at the top of your list! Click the link to learn more!



3. Bluetooth Smart Band – $99

Smart Band
Wearable technology is the future, so why not get that special someone this brand new Bluetooth Smart Band? You can answer your phone calls absolutely anywhere, gain easy access to incoming text messages, and even track your steps throughout the day! Don’t sleep on this awesome smart device ready to bring efficiency to your life! Click the link to learn more!


4. Mini RC Monster Truck – $49

Mini RC Monster Truck


Don’t forget about the children this holiday season! This all-ne Mini RC Monster Truck is sure to bring countless hours of fun and excitement into the life of any child! After all, who doesn’t like a remote-controlled car? Click the link to learn more!



5. Flexible FM Bluetooth Transmitter – $95

Flexible FM Bluetooth TransmitterIf your loved one’s car isn’t equipped with Bluetooth technology, we’ve got the perfect solution. Our Flexible FM Bluetooth Transmitter can seamlessly play music and answer calls safely directly through the vehicle’s car stereo system. With a microphone and Bluetooth 4.2 technology, you’ll never miss a beat or a call! Click the link to learn more!




6. Stylish Earphone & Bluetooth Headset – $59

Stylish Earphone & Bluetooth Headset


If you’re looking for a more cost-effective alternative to Apple’s Airpods, we’ve got you covered! Get your loved one a trendy, stylish, and booming pair of in-ear Bluetooth 4.1 headphones. With a lightweight design, it’s easy to forget that they’re in! Click the link to learn more!



7. Toyota Tundra RC Truck – $149

Toyota Tundra RC Truck


Well, we all know that Toyota makes a great cars, right? But did you know that RadioShack makes great Remote-Controlled editions? The Toyota Tundra RC Truck is sure to get all of the children in your life smiling with excitement from ear to ear! This remote controlled car is one of the top electronic toys on the market! Be sure to get your hands on one! Click the link to learn more!


8. 4K Android Box – $299

4K Android BoxHelp your loved one turn their old television set into an ultra-modern, high-resolution 4K smart TV! With the all-new 4K Android Box, you can turn any display into a powerful smart TV with 4K resolution, Android 6.0 OS, and WiFi connectivity! Click the link to learn more!


9. 1080p Waterproof Action Camera – $299

1080p Waterproof Action Camera


For the adventure seeking friend or family member, look no further than this 1080p Waterproof Action Camera! Trust us, with this small, portable, and waterproof camera your loved one will be sure that no memory is ever forgotten as they capture all of their adventures (above or under the ocean) with this stunning, HD 1080p technology! Click the link to learn more!


10. BLU C4 – $299



Get your loved one a great, affordable smartphone this Christmas! The BLU C4 comes equipped with a stunning IPS LCD display with up to 16 million colors, a microSD slot to store your pictures and songs, and even a quad-core processor. And let’s not forget the ultra-powerful Android 8.1 OS. Click the link to learn more!




11. RadioShack 7” Tablet with 3G SIM – $399

RadioShack 7” Tablet with 3G SIM

Everyone needs a tablet, and the all-new RadioShack 3G Tablet is the one for everyone! The 5MP dual camera with flash, 3-axis motion sensor, and a removable memory slot make this smart device the convenient tablet that users of any level can enjoy! In addition, with full WiFi and 3G capabilities, you’ll never be disconnected again! Click the link to learn more!



12. Fingerling Monkey – $75

perfect gifts

If you, your loved one, or your family wants a pet, but not an animal, check out the brand new Fingerling Monkey! Your new friend will respond to touch, sounds, and more! Keep a pet in your house without the mess, the cost, and the trouble!

Click the link to watch a video and see just how the Fingerling Monkey can become a member of your family!



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