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Minimize downtime, cut down costs, and maximize the availability of your data centre and facility using our highly reliable and secure backup power solutions by ACT.

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What is Data Centre & Facility Secure Power?

In today’s world of digital transformation, every business functions on a well-optimized, highly secure, and always available data centre & facility. From passwords and company policies to sensitive business secrets and more, data centres are centralized repositories of business critical infrastructure. Besides everything else, your data centre is the backbone of all of the products and services of your company. It can be thought of as the “veins” of any business. Given its significance, you need a reliable and always available secure power backup solution for the data centres and the entire facility of your business. This is where Data Centre & Facility Secure Power solutions by ACT become significant.

Your business should always be prepared with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions that can support the functioning of your data centre and your entire facility in a predictable or unpredictable power outage or interruptions. Even an hour’s downtime can cost your business hundreds and thousands of dollars of your hard-earned business money. You need an IT provider who can ensure that your company’s data centre has secure & dependable secure backup power solutions to minimize downtime and maximize availability.

Why Data Centre & Facility Secure Power by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT provides Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solution architectures for the Data Centre Physical Infrastructure of your business. From 3 phase UPS power – 10 kVA and higher to custom UPS solutions and more, we ensure that the data centre and entire facility of your business has a secure, clean, efficient and consistent secure backup power supply. ACT offers secure & fully integrated secure power backup solutions for enterprise-wide networks, edge to extra-large data centres, facilities, and critical systems.

In the current disruptive market space, every company needs an IT partner who can provide personalized, future-proof, & innovative technological solutions to support its scalability and growth. Antigua Computer Technology (ACT), with 30+ years of experience, can understand the IT challenges of your business better than anyone else! Data Centre & Facility Secure Power Solutions by ACT is backed by reputable global providers. For decades, we have partnered with the most trusted secure backup power solution provider, APC by Schneider Electric, to deliver the most innovative and advanced secure backup power solutions to businesses of all sizes in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands.

KEY BENEFITS of Data Centre & Facility Secure Power by ACT


ACT not only offers Data Centre & Facility Secure Power solutions but it also offers a complete portfolio of data centre services – assessment, planning, designing, building, and support & maintenance of your data centre. We do not provide products, instead, we provide solution architectures that are designed specifically for your business.

Specialized and Custom Power Backup Solutions

Unlike other providers in the market, ACT offers specialized power backup solutions curated as per your business requirements.

Maximize Availability and Minimized Downtime

With our consistent, reliable, and secure power backup solutions, you can minimize downtime of your business facility and maximize productivity of your operations.

Remote UPS Performance Monitoring

UPS solution architectures by ACT can be completely monitored remotely and have audible alarms, indicators, etc. to monitor complete performance.

Affordable Lifetime Ownership

With expert installation, prolonged battery life, predictive maintenance, efficient power utilization, and precision charging, optimize the cost of lifetime ownership with our Data Centre & Facility Secure Power solutions!

Agile and Scalable Solutions

Smart UPS Solutions by ACT are not only compatible with different input frequencies but also can be easily upgraded in the future.

Unmatched Technical Support

ACT is a Certified APC Premier Partner & Service Centre. You can always rely on us for the best technical support on our Data Centre & Facility Secure Power solutions.

Redundant Batteries

Our UPS solution architectures come with redundant batteries. You can rely on Data Centre & Facility Secure Power solutions for maximum availability of your data centre and your entire facility.

The cost of data centre & facility downtime in the hospitality sector has increased by 129% in the last 10 years.

91% of data centres suffered at least one unplanned outage every 2 years!

Your business needs an IT solution architecture partner who can help you with Data Centre & Facility Secure Power solutions to ensure 24/7 availability of your data centre and your entire business facility at an optimized cost of lifetime ownership. ACT has helped many businesses with its specialized UPS solution architectures while setting the standard for quality and innovation, with fully integrated solutions for enterprise-wide networks, edge to extra-large data centres, facilities, and critical systems. Contact us about the Data Centre & Facility Secure Power backup needs of your business today!

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