Top 10 Tech Essentials for Back to School

4 min read | Consumer Electronics


eptember approaches, parents and students alike work to check off their Back to School lists. While uniforms, books, and shoes are usually an easy find, Back to School tech may prove a bit more complicated. How do you know what is best for your student, and how do you get the best deal for your buck? At ACT, we are always here to help, our Back to School campaign features discounts on favorite school supplies and special bundles.

Here are our top 10 product recommendations to get you Back to School ready.

1. A Lightweight, Connected RadioShack Tablet – $449 → $399.00

Are you still carrying that heavy laptop from classes to after-school activities? This high-quality 3G tablet is exactly what you need, not only does this device offer more flexibility and longer battery life than most laptops but, this tablet is ideal for students juggling a busy schedule.

Essentials for Back to School

2. Affordable, Quality Laptops → Starting at $1,299

The last thing you need is your old laptop crashing mid-semester. Imagine losing all that hard-earned work on your final paper just before you hit send. Be sure to check out the many options of Laptops at ACT where our laptops are now on special – starting at just $1,299!

affordable quality laptop

3. Printers to Print Independently → Starting at $245

Don’t find yourself caught between trying to find somewhere to print the last pages of your assignment or pulling out yet another paper jam. We’re making it easy to own your own quality printer at an affordable price, starting as low as $245.00


4. Stylish, Durable Backpacks → Starting at $79

Start this semester right with a high-quality, lightweight backpack. Starting at only $79.00, our backpacks are sure to not only secure books, electronics, and school essentials but last the school year, and look good doing it.

quality backpack

5. Power Banks of All Capacities → Starting at $49

Another necessity for the on the go student, our Power Banks are as low as $49.00 and promises to keep you connected and charged up throughout your busy days and nights.

powerful backpack

6. Reliable Flash Drives → Starting at $34.50

Never lose that important assignment, presentation or essay. We offer an array of flash drives to satisfy all of your storage needs with our flash drives starting as low as $34.50.

reliable flash drive

7. Lightweight External Hard Drives

“I have too much storage!” – said no one, ever. Check out our wide selection of portable hard drives and securely store all of your necessary files. Save 10% for Back to School when you purchase one of our fast, portable, reliable External Hard Drives.

external harddrive

8. Calculators to Simply Class → Starting at $13

We’re all about finding solutions, even with those complex math problems. We have both pocket and scientific calculators starting at only $13 to get you through the most complex equations.


9. Routers to Keep Connected → Starting at $121

Connectivity is vital, and without a dependable router, your productivity may suffer. A reliable router keeps you online and connected. With prices starting under $121, you can keep up with the latest and get your research done without having to rely on someone else’s wireless connection.


10. Smartphones → Starting at $327

Although at number 10, smartphones are arguably one of the most important things on our list, ask any teenager. Stay connected with one of our affordable and reliable smartphones at ACT or Radioshack. During our Back to School campaign, there is a 5% discount on ALL smartphones and prices (initially at $345) now start at $327.

smart phone