Genuine HP Ink vs Refill Ink: Which One to Choose?

Genuine HP Ink vs Refill Ink: Which One to Choose?

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When buying a printer for your home or your office, there are numerous factors you should consider to make the right choice. Printers are a pricey investment and you would want them to last for long. HP holds the largest market share of printers around the world followed by Canon, Epson, and Mimaki. It offers a wide variety of printers for both residential and commercial needs.

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But, irrespective of the printer you use, there are precautions, such as using the right ink cartridge, you should take to ensure its proper functioning in the long run. The ink cartridge you use in your printer plays a significant role in deciding its functioning and print quality. In fact, one of the most asked questions in the printer industry is: should you choose an original ink cartridge for your printer or go for a refill?  

In this article, we compare the benefits of using a genuine HP Ink and compatible refill ink for your printer. But before getting to the specifics, let’s begin with what to look for when purchasing ink cartridges for your printer. 

What to Look for in Printer Ink Cartridges?

When it comes to buying the right ink cartridge, you should follow a few steps to make sure you buy the right one. Here are a few.

Type of Printer Ink Cartridge

Start your purchase with research. Learn about different types of printer ink cartridges such as OEM cartridges like genuine HP ink cartridges, compatible cartridges, and solid ink cartridges. Choose the cartridge type that suits your printing requirements. 

The Cost Factor

The cost of an ink cartridge is one of the deciding factors in this entire process. The average ink replacement cost of an inkjet printer comes to around 10% to 15% more than the generic refill inks. Depending on the choice of your printer, the ink cartridge cost may change. Weigh in your requirements and assess the overall reputation of the brand before choosing a third-party cartridge for your printer.

Print Quality

While you can save money choosing generic refill ink, the print quality of genuine HP ink is considerably better. The quality loss of using generic refill ink is especially visible when you print photos. The photos printed using generic refill ink tend to fade faster as compared to genuine HP ink.

There are many other tips you can follow when buying ink cartridges for your printer. The next section discusses why people choose refill ink instead of buying genuine HP ink cartridges for their printers.

Why Do People Choose Refill Ink?

People often go for refill ink by third-party manufacturers rather than buying ink cartridges from the printer manufacturer. The refill ink cartridge offered by third party manufacturers is less-costly and contains more quantity than the OEM cartridges. The print quality of these third part refill ink may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but the question is: is it worth taking the risk?

Third-party or compatible printer cartridges are not catered to your printer needs and, usually, are mass-produced. So, if you are planning to go for third-party refill inks for your printer, choose a brand that is reputed from high-quality printer ink refills. But this also has its disadvantages which you will know by the end of this article.

Why Choose Genuine HP Ink Cartridges?

Every printer comes with a recommended ink cartridge from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). For instance, if you have an HP printer, OEM ink cartridges are the ones manufactured by HP. Why should you choose HP Ink cartridges?

The primary reason you should go for a genuine HP Ink cartridge for your HP printer is that it is provided by the same manufacturer. The company knows the technology of its printers and provides ink cartridges that will never damage them. Besides, the OEM ink cartridges are also recommended for better performance and longevity of a printer.

Now, that you know the primary cons of both genuine HP ink and third-party refill ink, which one should you choose?

Genuine HP Ink vs Refill Ink: The Final Verdict

The first argument that comes in this discussion of genuine HP Ink cartridges vs third-party ink refills is that the genuine ink cartridges are costlier. Genuine HP ink cartridges offer better print quality than third-party (compatible) ink refills. The difference in the quality of these ink cartridges validates the difference in their prices. 

Besides this, the OEM ink cartridges also have additional benefits. They lubricate and clean the print heads of your printers. This ensures that no blockages build up after long hours of use. After investing resources in the development, a genuine HP ink cartridge is developed to cater to the needs of specific HP printers. The OEM ink cartridge also comes with a warranty that protects your printer against any damages from its usage.

HP makes it difficult to use ink cartridges or refilled ink made by non-HP manufacturers in their printers. It displays a message similar to the one shown in the picture below. The printer won’t stop you from printing once you click the “OK” button but, as you can see (in the image below), the use of third-party ink refills and cartridges also puts your printer’s warranty in question!

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We have laid out the factors you should consider when buying ink cartridges for your printer. The pros and cons of buying third-party ink refills and genuine HP ink cartridges are mentioned in the above sections as well. The choice is yours! What do you value the most – your printer or its ink replacement costs? 

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