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Data Centre

Maintain business continuity using our carrier-grade data centre hardware, redundant data communications, redundant power and high-capacity fibre in our world-class, natural disaster-proof data centre facility.

Carrier-Grade Hardware & Facility
Reliable, Secure, Compliant Cabinets, Cages & Private Suites Colocation
24/7 Monitoring & Redundancy
High-Capacity Fibre & Interconnection

What is a Data Centre?

A Data Centre is a dedicated space in a building that hosts IT operations – networking, data processing, distribution & computing, and IT equipment of a business. In today’s technology-driven market space, your businesses need highly-competent data centres that can handle scalability, implementation, super-fast, redundant computing, data distribution and more to enable you to spin out your latest services/products quickly & gain an upper-hand over your competitors.

Why Data Centre Services by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT is trusted by hundreds of businesses as their IT service provider. We are a local & reputable IT service provider and have over 30 years of experience in the industry. We offer the most advanced data centre services tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our own world-class data centre has top-notch hardware & scalable bandwidth for long-term reliability, high-capacity fibre for super-fast computing & processing, and redundant power & data communications to ensure continuity & recovery. To top all these, we offer 24/7 network monitoring & priority customer service on our data centre services for our clients.

Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) offers dedicated data centre cabinets, cages and private suites to ensure security and meet the demanding colocation & web hosting needs of our clients. Bring efficient innovation, maximize computing speed, improve real-time visibility, and boost resource utilization in your business using our most advanced end-to-end data centre solutions. We have partnered with the best providers of the market to offer a top-notch experience for our clients. Use end-to-end Data Centre solutions by ACT & get 99.999% uptime of your IT infrastructure!

KEY BENEFITS of Data Centre by ACT

World-class Hardware

Data centre solutions by ACT comprises of the most-advanced hyper-converged infrastructure in the market for maximum availability and reliability in the long run.

Security & Compliance

Meet changing regulatory guidelines with our Data Centre colocation services. Get 24/7 in-house security, fencing, cameras, biometrics, and more!

Reduced Ownership Costs

With Data Centre colocation services by ACT, save ownership costs with dedicated staff, high-tech cooling solutions, and more.

Hybrid Cloud

Connect to a cloud of your choice from your colocation facility using the Hybrid Cloud of Data Centres by ACT.

Super-fast Computation & Processing

With most modern hardware and tailored bandwidth allocation, get super-fast computation & data processing with our end-to-end data centre solutions to roll-out your products/services faster than ever.

24/7 Network Monitoring & Customer Service

ACT offers 24/7 Network monitoring & customer service to maximize network & data security and offer a smooth experience to our clients.

Maximum Backup, Data Recovery & Business Continuity

With redundant power, data storage and communications, get maximum possible backup to ensure easy data recovery and consistent business continuity.

Web & Application Hosting

Get 24/7 availability of your website and applications for your customers/clients with our top-quality and cost-effective web hosting on ACT’s data centre.

Dedicated Data Centre Cabinets, Cages and Private Suites

We tailor data centre solutions according to individual business requirements. With our server colocation solutions, benefit from a dedicated space in our compliant, secure, and reliable data centres for your business.

Interconnection & High-Capacity Fibre

Our data centres have high-capacity fibre and interconnection that allow maximum data computing & process speed for your business needs.

Free Trade Zone Approved

Our data centre facility is free trade zone approved. Save extra business dollars with our most advanced data centre solutions.

Comprehensive Bandwidth Utilization Reports

We offer comprehensive reports to our clients and thus allowing them to optimize & maximize bandwidth utilization in their businesses.

End-to-End Data Centre Solutions

We design, engineer, supply, install and construct data centres personalized to your business requirements. We give you the option of building your own data centre or utilizing our own to minimize cost of ownership and reduce complexities.

93% of companies filed for bankruptcy within one year of losing their data centres for 10 days or more!

The average cost of a cyberattack on data centres is $4 million. Choose a robust, advanced, and secure data centre provider today!

In today’s market of evolving computational and processing needs, every business needs highly secure, super-fast, and the most-modern data centres. Even a minor cyberattack can cost your business thousands of dollars and set you behind by weeks or even months. End-to-end tailored data centre solutions by ACT empower your business with ultra-fast data computational & processing speed, maximum security, business continuity, scalability, energy efficiency, and more. Contact us to discuss the data centre requirements of your business today!

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