New Online Marketplace Aims to Reduce Need for Imports

2 min read | Press
By Theresa Goodwin –


fter almost two years brainstorming ways to improve the business climate in Antigua and Barbuda for the benefit of local merchants, technology company, Antigua Computer Technology (ACT), has created a
new concept that places a virtual “shopping mall in the palm of your hands”.

The firm’s e-commerce marketplace, AllMart, is designed to empower the local community, revolutionising shopping and helping local merchants compete with their global competitors. ACT’s business development manager, Andrew Doumith, told Observer that the concept was created in May 2018 when he held a discussion with his siblings about the need for a complete shopping experience in the Caribbean, similar to the model used by US retailers, Amazon and Walmart.

He said AllMart allows local merchants to be prominently featured instead of one major supplier. Door-to-door delivery service is also included.

“AllMart aligns itself to be the best friend of retailers. Unlike Amazon which provides products on one platform, AllMart connects you directly to the local businesses in Antigua and Barbuda and you will know exactly who you are supporting.

“ACT’s mission for the last 30 years is to bring our community into the future through technology that [runs] right into AllMart’s mission of enabling and empowering our community to be on a similar playing
ground as the known international players,” Doumith explained. He said that with the new e-commerce platform, local merchants will be able to showcase their offerings on a wider scale which will further enhance the experience for buyers. Business owners wishing to advertise on the platform can do so by filling out the sign-up form. This will be followed by a scheduled meeting to discuss the merchant’s business and other logistics. Local partners will also be trained and will have access to their own inventory and order management dashboard where orders are filled.

Doumith said, “My personal vision for AllMart is to [push the idea] to the Antigua community that there is no need to purchase internationally. Let us keep our monies circulating in our community. This will lead to job creation in terms of delivery drivers to fill orders, and store clerks to process them.”

Several local businesses have also signed up and are already featured on the platform. Visit for more details. Download the AllMart app at: