Speakers that Stand Out, Sound Stellar, and Suit Your Needs

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Did you know it is PA speaker month here at RadioShack Antigua? While we love PAs equally any time of the year, this month gives us a good reason to highlight our active PA speakers, proving their power, performance, and professional quality. With options of 8, 12, and 15 inches, you’ll find the size you need for the space and sound you’re after.


Quality in Craftsmanship

You want a sturdy speaker that will last through endless get-togethers, and that is just what you will get – durability as well as a great design. But hearty doesn’t mean heavy. These PAs are lightweight, so you can take them to venues without hassle.


Bells and Whistles

Along with fine function, these PA speakers are illuminated with LED lighting – 3-colors to add some extra flair to your fun. And with high-tech touches, you can connect your smart device or computer via Bluetooth and make the most of a wire-free experience. This kind of portability is perfect for parties, events, and music practice, and even an impromptu recording session. With a remote control for convenience, you couldn’t ask for more out of these PAs.


See Them for Yourself

 You’ll certainly want to check out these PAs for yourself and experience the excitement hands on. Head on down to one of our RadioShack stores (locations: Downtown at St. Mary’s & Church St., and Woods Shopping Centre) and you can test them for your taste.


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