Placement Is Paramount - Where Your Speakers Are Set Up Matters


Once you purchase your PA speakers from one of our trusted RadioShack stores, you’ll be excited to set them up and hear how they sound in your home, party room, restaurant, bar, club, the beach, or anywhere else you’re planning a get-together.

Best suited for smaller spaces, our active PA speakers sound great no matter what. But, you’ll get increased quality out of every note when you place your speakers purposefully and properly. Don’t miss out on the perfect performance due to less-than-perfect placement. Now’s a great time to share some tips to balance your sound as you set up your PA speakers perfectly.


Perfect Placement for Performances or Ambiance Music in Small Bars, Clubs, Event Spaces and Restaurants

 It’s always amazing to hear live music, but when the speakers are not set up well, even the best performance can sound peculiar. The best advice is to elevate the speakers (facing the audience, naturally), especially if there’s a crowd below a raised stage area. If you have two speakers, placing one on either side of the stage is a tried-and-true technique.

 Placing the PA speakers on the floor creates an imbalance of treble and bass, with some folks getting all the “boom” and others only hearing only the high notes. Also, keep the speakers away from the mics – nobody wants to cringe at the screech of feedback. For a performance that sounds as good as it looks, jack up the speakers and the sound will be even to everyone’s ears.

 As far as ambiance music, set up the speakers similarly, depending how your venue is arranged. If it’s quite small, see the tips for home set-up below.


At the Beach

Who doesn’t love a day full of sunshine and music? The laid back atmosphere of a get-together with friends, the warm sun on your skin, and the delicious food and drinks just aren’t as good without your favorite tunes playing as you lay languidly. 

If you plan to bring your PA speakers to the beach as your source of music, there are a few tips you should bear in mind to ensure that the gathering is enjoyable and the music provides a perfect backdrop. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is find a safe spot for your speakers, and make sure they’re set up at a reasonable distance from other beach-goers. Be mindful of other people and try your best not to disrupt those that are enjoying a relaxing day soaking up some sun. Keep the music at a volume that’s loud enough for a party, but low enough to ensure you don’t hear people commenting under their breath, “Those rowdy hooligans.” 

Additionally, keep your PA speakers elevated off the sand if possible. Bring along a speaker tripod, or simply set them on a sturdy table to keep them safe from sand wiggling into the intricate parts of the speakers design. It also keeps the sea creatures away from your precious speakers, as well as ensures that your music doesn’t sound muffled.  

Another aspect to consider when trying to achieve the best sound at the beach is the wind. Place your speakers in the direction of the wind to work with it rather than against it. If you set the speakers against the wind, the resulting sound will be muffled and trapped – what a party foul! 


For Your Home – Planning a Party or Event

Perhaps you are planning to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, shower, or graduation by throwing a party in your home. And what’s a party without some music to break the ice? When you have high-quality PA speakers, the sound will be sensational – as long as you place them strategically.

Nothing ruins a mix and mingle (or lime) more than too-loud music drowning out conversation. When the sound isn’t well-balanced, it becomes a distraction rather than an enhancement to the celebration.

 Consider the shape of the room. If your room is rectangular, as many are, use the length of the room as your go-to guide. Place the speakers along a shorter wall so they can play towards the full length of the room. Leave room between the wall and the speakers and don’t have anything directly in front of them like a couch or bookshelf to muffle the music.

Like the live performance tips, if you can elevate them, that’s ideal. If not, just make sure they won’t be set right at anyone’s feet. Obviously, some people have more room than others in their home, so choose the largest room in your house to host the party when possible.


Additional Tips for Any Space

 Bear these foolproof tips in mind to ensure that your music is the heartbeat of your event. 

  •   More than one speaker? Go for a triangle spaced-out set-up for best balance of sound.
  •   Keep speakers at least 2 to 3 feet away from any wall.
  •   Point the speakers towards the listeners.
  •   Don’t place speakers too closely together.
  •   Raise speakers when you can.
  •   Talk to your salesperson about positioning when you make your purchase. They’re sure to give you tailored advice when it comes to your space and your speakers!

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