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Establish a secure, reliable, scalable, and smart network infrastructure for your business with the most advanced Switches & Routers by ACT.

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What are Switches & Routers?

Switches and Routers are important devices for the Networking infrastructure of every business. They determine the reliability, security, scalability, efficiency, adaptability, and availability of Enterprise Networking of your business.

What are Switches in Networking?

Switches in Networking are responsible for connecting different devices on a computer network. In simpler words, Switches connect multiple devices such as computers in a LAN – Local Area Network. Switches in Networking are primarily used for devices with wired networking connections. The two most-used types of Switches in Networking are cloud-managed and on-premises switches. We offer both options to our customers at ACT.

What are Routers in Networking?

Routers are often regarded as sophisticated and more capable computer networking devices than Switches, although both are essential. Routers in Networking usually comes with built-in security protocols and connect devices through multiple area networks (LAN as well as WAN). Unlike Switches, Routers in Networking can be used for devices connected via wired as well as wireless networking connections. Routers in Networking allows businesses to establish a secure & seamless connection between all their premises and the cloud simultaneously.

Why Switches & Routers by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT – Antigua Computer Technology has partnered with the best-in-class companies with the sole purpose of offering the most advanced Switches and Routers to businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and all other Caribbean islands. Switches & Routers by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) are an essential part of the automation, scalable, reliability, security, and availability of Enterprise Networking of businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands.

In today’s disruptive market space, businesses are being driven by interconnectivity of devices. You need an IT provider who can ensure security, reliability, availability & scalability of your business network while implementing the latest technological advancements before anyone else. From Modular Switches, Smart Switches & Campus LAN Switches to Branch Routers, SMB Routers, and more, you can rely on ACT – Antigua Computer Technology for the most advanced Enterprise Network infrastructure in your business. ACT has over 30 years of experience as an IT service provider and can understand the Enterprise Networking needs of your business better than anyone else in the market. Let’s discuss the Enterprise Networking Infrastructure needs of your business today!

KEY BENEFITS of Switches & Routers by ACT

Multiple Deployment Options

ACT offers multiple types of Switches & Routers according to the parameters of your unique networking infrastructure.

Maximum Network Security

With intent-based networking, built-in cybersecurity and smart Switches & Routers, get maximum security, visibility, and control over your enterprise network.

Scalability with Efficiency

Bring cloud-level scalability with multi-speed ports, accurate deep analytics, and more by using Switches & Routers by ACT in your business network.

Real-time Visibility & Control

Get real-time visibility with deep analytics and consistent monitoring using Switches & Routers by ACT.

Customized Networking Solutions

We offer personalized deployment options of Switches & Routers as per the needs of your business network.

Unmatched Technical Expertise Islandwide

ACT has more than 30 years of experience as an IT provider. You can always rely on us for the best technical expertise in the market.

Support Automation

With Switches & Routers by ACT, you can easily integrate DevOps tools to automate operations and launch faster on your business network.

Seamless Integration

Network Switches & Routers by ACT – Antigua Computer Technology can easily be integrated with the existing network infrastructure of your business to avoid costly replacements & boost performance.

Intent-based Networking

Smart Switches & Routers by ACT reads your business intent, converts them into compliances, and applies them across your entire networking infrastructure for better security and performance.

“Did you know?” For over the past 20 years, Over 50% of the entire Internet traffic relies on Cisco network switches & routers?”

ACT is the preferred Cisco Dealer & Service Centre in Antigua. Get the most advanced Cisco Switches & Routers for the network infrastructure of your business with ACT.

Businesses across the world are adopting smart Switches & Routers to make their network super secure, more reliable, and always available. You need an experienced IT provider who can keep up with today’s disruptive innovation in Enterprise Networking. With more than 30 years of experience, ACT can help you establish an impregnable network infrastructure in your business with world-class Switches and Routers. Talk to us about the network infrastructure of your business and ACT will help you find the right Switches & Routers for your business.

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