Earn a Degree, Tuition Free with an ACT Scholarship

In every action and expenditure that ACT Antigua participates in, there is always one core goal in mind: bringing the community into the future. And as many know, getting a college education is not a luxury that all individuals enjoy. Many times, there are financial barriers deeply-rooted between aspiring students and their educational goals, thus inhibiting them from advancing into their dream careers that require higher education.This reality deeply concerns the team at ACT Antigua, and as a result, the team has devised a plan to fuse the gap between individuals and their educational goals.

ACT-ABIIT-Scholarship-AwardBy partnering with Antigua Barbuda Institute of Information Technology (ABIIT), ACT is offering a scholarship to individuals seeking their associates degree in any Information Technology field.

In doing so, ACT Antigua aims to pave a path for students to complete their education, obtain a higher-paying job, and thus provide a stepping stone for career and personal advancement. In many fields today, a degree is a ticket to promotion and higher wages. With more individuals achieving their career and monetary goals, they’ll be able to support themselves as well as their families.

We believe that even one person affects the total prosperity of an entire community, and that’s why we are working towards our core mission of advancing the community every day, one small miracle at a time.

If you’re interested in applying for the ACT scholarship to attend ABIIT, all you have to do is fill out the standard ABIIT application, as well as submit a short letter containing the following:

  •    A bit about yourself and your personal goals
  •    Your career objectives and how attending ABIIT will help you achieve them
  •    Why you believe we should choose you to receive the scholarship

Click here for more information on applying to ABIIT and our ACT scholarship.

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