The ACT TeleDome Facility hosts a world-class Data Center equipped with high-capacity fibre, redundant power, redundant data communications connections, carrier-grade hardware, and superior environmental controls. Our Data Center infrastructure will ensure 99.999% uptime of our clients’ information systems; allowing full business continuity, even during unexpected outages. In addition to our state-of-the-art Data Center, we provide our clients with a facility that is Free-Trade Zone approved. Major offshore internet gaming clients have enjoyed the benefits of this for over a decade.


ACT’s technological infrastructure, coupled with our technical knowledge and global partnerships, allows us to offer our clients a world-class Data Center that can satisfy their co-location and hosting needs. We offer a range of standard and custom plans in our hosting facility location. Plans/Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Space provided in a Secure, Dedicated Rack or Cage
  • Full/Partial Racks
  • Bandwidth Utilization Reports
  • Manual Manipulation of Server Controls
  • Network Monitoring & Customer Service
  • Fibre Capacity

Fiber Capacity

ACT TeleDome Data Center is the cable station for the GCN undersea fiber optic cable system in Antigua. Capacity at the cable station is at 10 Gbps or STM-64 on this network, with latency of approximately 32ms to Miami NAP. This system connects most of the Caribbean islands and goes onwards on the Global Crossing’s network, connecting to the other continents. ACT’s IP POP is powered by the Carrier class Cisco 7609-S routers able to process over seven hundred gigabytes per second. The Main IP connection between Antigua and Miami is at the NAP of the Americas, a world-class data center facility.

Redundant Power – Powered by APC

The TeleDome facility equipped with multiple sources of redundant power supply to ensure consistent power quality to clients’ servers and supporting network equipment. These power systems are designed to run uninterrupted even in the event of a total power outage. The UPS power subsystem is redundant on our core equipment with instantaneous failover in the event that the primary UPS fails.


At the ACT TeleDome cable station, the AC power support comprises of two 380 KW auto-start standby generators and two 40 KVA uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). We have on standby an additional 225kva available from a secondary transformer.

ACT is a premier partner of American Power Conversion (APC), a leading global provider of end-to-end infrastructure availability solutions. Since 2004, we have been authorized in the sales, installation, and maintenance of APC equipment. ACT is committed to keeping up to date with today’s technological advances, especially in the area of Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure. ACT has done major APC installations for clients in a variety of sectors: Government, Commercial and International Banking, Education, and Private Businesses.


Enterprise Servers – Powered by HP

ACT is an authorized HP Dealer & Service Center, allowing us to provide and maintain enterprise servers & storage solutions for our clients. These solutions can range from an entry-level server to an HP BladeSystem C7000 chassis housing multiple high-performance servers with over 100TB of storage. ACT’s HP Certified Service Center allows us to provide our clients with complete end-to- end solutions by offering them professional consulting, repair, and maintenance services for their IT infrastructure.


ACT has a long, successful track record for the installation & maintenance of Data Centers. We have designed and built complete Data Centers for a variety of clients including, but not limited to, the Government, Banks, and Private Enterprises.