Active Vs. Passive Speakers - Which One is Best for Your Beats?

Every speaker has its pros and cons. Different situations call for a different sound, space sizes and shapes vary and benefit from one speaker over another, and some people prefer a certain speaker “just because.” You won’t go wrong when you visit one of our RadioShack store and check out our powerful speakers yourself. And be sure to discuss your speaker needs with a reputable store salesperson so you head home with the best speaker for your situation. 

Since it is PA speaker month, it’s the perfect time to provide this “Speaker 101” information to get you in-the-know and confident in your choice. Some quick clarification as to the plusses and minuses of active and passive speakers will make you a more informed shopper, and your sound will benefit from selecting the speaker that will perform best for your requirements. Check out these advantages and disadvantages, and hone in on the speaker type that seems smart for your scenario.


The Main Advantages of Passive Speakers

 Powerful – best choice for big venues

  • No power cables needed, only the speaker cable
  • Great control for hands-on fine tuning


The Main Disadvantages of Passive Speakers 

  • Need amplifiers – more accessories to tug along
  • The more speakers chained together, the less output – this can create distortion


The Main Advantages of Active Speakers

 No amplifier racks needed – save space and hassle

  • Can chain together for larger areas and more coverage
  • Superior sound quality is already set


The Main Disadvantages of Active Speakers

 More cables may be required

  • When running many together, high frequencies can be compromised
  • If something goes wrong, it’s not as simple to swap out a part

 Our RadioShack stores sell active speakers exclusively. While we understand there will be circumstances where passive speakers will make more sense for your sound requirements, overall, the active PA speakers suit most customers’ needs thanks to their top-notch sound quality and superior convenience.


Our Bluetooth enabled active PA speakers are super modern and high-tech, and the LED lighting sets them apart from their peers. The built-in power amplifier is a bonus, making for ease of use. Plug it in and you’re nearly set. Simplicity and sophistication.

We certainly understand that you may still have specific PA speaker questions, but with this go-to guide as a basis, you can proceed with your purchase more knowledgeably. With the aid of a RadioShack rep, you’ll be more secure in your selection. And when you want to learn more about topics like this, subscribing to our blog is the perfect way to keep up with our latest advice and insight on all things tech. Additionally, to further advance your education about PA speakers, read Speakers that Stand Out, Sound Stellar, and Suit Your Needs and Placement Is Paramount – Where Your Speakers Are Set Up Matters.