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Bringing our community into the future through technology for almost 30 years.

Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) was born in 1989 by Salomon Doumith in an era where almost all business processes were done manually. In its infant years, ACT was a software programming company, where its clients were primarily hotels, finance institutions, and other local businesses. The visionary, Salomon, saw beyond these applications and realized that these applications sparked the need for computers to operate them. ACT began taking advantage of this opportunity by importing computers and supplying these clients to complement his software services. As hardware sales began to catapult, ACT grasped the opportunity and pivoted its business model to focus on hardware. In the early 1990s, ACT began providing network administration services to its hotel clients, ultimately acting as their remote IT staff in a time where its clients had no formal IT department. This led to ACT’s expansion into the government sector, where there was a continuously increasing need for IT and business automation.

In the mid-1990s, the company began assembling its own computers, utilizing and training local state college students to help with the task. This strategy allowed ACT to grow at an exponential rate as it began to target the education, home, and business markets – capturing 70% of the computer market during that time. This then led to ACT securing its license to become an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in 1999. Following dial-up, ACT evolved its offering by becoming the first company to offer Wi-Fi wireless internet connectivity on the island, and covered 60% of the island with Wi-Fi access points through strategic installations on electric posts.

After over 25 years, ACT has evolved to become the island’s largest, most reliable, single-source technology provider, providing a wide range of B2B and B2C IT related products and services through close business relationships with world renowned partners. It’s strategic business partners include: Microsoft, IBM, APC, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, HP Inc., Cisco, Newgen Software, HID, Lenovo and others. ACT provides local and regional customers with the design, sale, installation, and maintenance of enterprise and consumer solutions, including, but not limited to:

  • Enterprise hardware & software
  • HR Performance evaluations software
  • Network infrastructure
  • Enterprise power solutions
  • Cyber security solutions
  • Data center facility solutions
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Internet access services
  • Professional services & maintenance
  • Electronic repair & maintenance services
  • Consumer electronics
  • Renewable energy
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Though the company has grown to become the island’s largest, most reliable, single source technology provider, the best is yet to come in the exciting years ahead with the second generation of Doumiths.

To learn more about our legacy, simply reach out to us!