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Build digital transformation strategies to identify pain points in the IT infrastructure of your business and eliminate the root cause problems with our end-to-end IT solutions and products. Let us help you remove the complexities of IT. Leave IT to us!

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What is Commercial IT?

Today’s market is being driven by technology. Irrespective of the industry, every business needs comprehensive digital transformation strategies to tackle complex IT problems and become smarter & more capable. Commercial IT is all about strategizing about how to deal with technological challenges in your business and how to keep up with the disruptive & ever-evolving technology.

Right from IT consulting to creating & implementing innovative solutions, a Commercial IT partner helps your company evolve and embrace technological disruption. Every company needs an IT partner who can not only build groundbreaking & innovative digital strategies but also can spark technological transformation, better & before its competitors.

Why Commercial IT by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) has been helping businesses in every industry to evolve and perform better using fresh technologies for more than 30 years. With the motto of “bringing our community into the future” through technology, ACT is the only company in the Caribbean islands with a proven track record of helping businesses in every industry for more than three decades from project conceptualization to implementation right down to support & maintenance. From Internet Services, Cybersecurity, IoT, and Cloud Services to managed printing solutions, technology consulting, and anything & everything in between, ACT is the one-stop destination for all your commercial IT needs.

In today’s ever-evolving technological world, ACT helps businesses to stay ahead in the market using our expert digital transformation strategies. We identify & eliminate the pain areas, along with its root cause, in the IT infrastructure of your business. ACT experts design, engineer & implement future-proof plans to make your business more capable and inspire innovation.

KEY BENEFITS of Commercial IT

One-Stop Destination

ACT is an end-to-end Commercial IT provider that helps you plan, design, engineer, implement, support, and maintain the IT infrastructure of your business.

Proven Track Record

ACT has over 30 years of experience as an IT provider for businesses from every industry.

Support & Maintenance

With affordable SLAs, ACT offers complete monitoring, support, and maintenance locally in Antigua for our Commercial IT solutions and all of the products and services for that matter.

Eliminating Root Cause

At ACT, we believe in eliminating the root cause of the problem and offering a long-term solution for the IT problems of your business.

Strategic Digital Transformation

ACT helps businesses strategize their digital transformation to spark innovation, save money, and function more efficiently in the long run.

Affordable SLAs

With affordable SLAs on our Commercial IT solutions, ACT helps businesses to ensure the health and functioning of their IT infrastructure in the long run.

Best-in-market Technical Expertise

The technical expertise you get with ACT is just unmatched. With industry expertise of over 30 years, we know exactly what you need to evolve!

70% of organizations worldwide have a digital transformation strategy or are working on one. When will you?

With a digital-first business strategy, you are 64% more likely to achieve your business goals!

59% of businesses that don’t have a digital transformation strategy fear it might be too late. We, at ACT, believe otherwise. It’s never too late to benefit from IT consulting. With over 30 years of industry experience, ACT can strategize, design, engineer, implement, maintain, and support Commercial IT solutions for businesses of every industry. Contact us today and know how much you can save and achieve using our end-to-end Commercial IT solutions.

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