Industrial IoT

Smart Generator Monitoring

A centralized & remote way of monitoring & managing the performance of your generators at multiple sites. Reduce operational costs (OpEx) and maximize the utilization of your generators using smart alerts & alarms to prevent fuel thefts & leakage, schedule maintenance at the perfect time, and leverage powerful KPI reports.

Real-Time Remote Management
Alarms for Fuel Thefts & Leakage
Maintenance Alerts
Powerful KPI Reports

What is Smart Generator Monitoring?

Smart Generator Monitoring is a way of remotely managing & monitoring the performance of your generators using high-tech sensors, connected devices, IoT, and more. From keeping track of coolant & engine temperature to generated energy and much more, you can now monitor every aspect of your generator remotely on a device of your choice.

Businesses are suffering from an increase in the number of fuel thefts & downtime hours due to lack of proactive monitoring, management & maintenance of their generators. With scaling needs of your business, you need to equip yourself with the latest technology-driven tools to efficiently manage the performance of your generators at multiple sites. Your business needs a local, experienced and reputable Smart Generator solution provider.

Why Smart Generator Monitoring by ACT?

ACT has over 30 years of experience as an IT solution provider. We have helped many businesses with their evolving IT needs. We are a local Smart Generator Monitoring solution provider in Antigua. Smart Generator Monitoring by ACT allows you to understand & monitor the performance of your generators using a comprehensive set of parameters on a single, intuitive dashboard.

Prevent fuel thefts and leakage, analyze fuel consumption over time, schedule predictive maintenance, monitor coolant level & temperature, and boost ROI of your business using key KPIs of each aspect of your generator. Use Smart Generator Monitoring by ACT to boost performance, and cut costs of your business.

KEY BENEFITS of Smart Generator Monitoring

Powerful KPI Reports

Analyze vital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like available fuel, fuel-filled, energy generated, location, coolant level & temperature, oil pressure, running hours, on/off status, and more of your diesel generators in real-time or over daily, monthly or yearly periods.

Live Interactive Dashboards

Use an intuitive interactive dashboard to remotely monitor key performance metrics of all the generators in your business.

Prevent Fuel Thefts & Leakages

Get alarms and alerts to prevent fuel thefts and leakages in your generators.

Reduce Downtime

Schedule maintenance at the best time with predictive maintenance and fix pain points of your generators, and never be surprised by a suddenly empty generator tank again.

Save Money

Save money by preventive fuel thefts, maximizing performance & timely maintenance and keep your generators up & running like new.

Boost Generator Performance

Identify faulty areas and hindrances in the performance of your generators to boost performance.

Coolant Level & Temperature

Monitor coolant level & temperature and keep their engines healthy.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict the next maintenance date of your generators and keep them at their best in the long run.

Multiple Generators

You can monitor multiple generators at multiple sites using Smart Generator Monitoring by ACT.

Businesses unknowingly lose 15% to 35% of diesel generator fuel from theft, leakage, fraud, or other reasons.

A 1,000kW generator consumes 71.1 gallons of fuel when functioning on maximum load. Monitor & optimize the generators of your business to function at maximum efficiency using Smart Generator by ACT.

Industry leaders are using smart Industrial IoT solutions to function at maximum efficiency and save business dollars. Start using Smart Generator Monitoring by ACT to boost performance, maximize production, save fuel costs, prevent thefts, and reduce downtime of the generators in your business. Identify pain points and schedule maintenance remotely using our interactive dashboard. Contact ACT today to learn about how you can take advantage of our Smart Generator Monitoring solution today!

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