Industrial IoT

Smart Asset Tracking

Track your assets & employees involved in advanced operations and maximize productivity by identifying & eliminating pain points. Use remote monitoring by high-tech sensors to track the performance of your business assets and drive growth using accurate analytics.

Controlled Remote Monitoring
Interactive Centralized Dashboard
Predict Performance
High-Tech Sensors
Track Location, Health & Availablity
Maximum Asset Utilization

What is Smart Asset Tracking?

Smart Asset Tracking allows you to track everything about your business assets. Track location, performance, health, & availability of your assets and personnel to maximize productivity, reduce downtime, and minimize operating costs. Now, monitor & control the performance of your assets and employees functional at multiple sites in real-time.

The lack of accurate analytics and performance parameters to calculate efficiency has been hampering the net productivity of businesses (up to 20%) for long. Using Smart Asset Monitoring, you can not only track the location & health of your assets (and personnel) but also use numerical value to detect pain areas, reduce downtime and maximize productivity. You need a competent Industrial IoT solution provider to help you monitor production and boost efficiency of complex manufacturing, field & logistics operations at multiple sites.

Why Smart Asset Tracking by Antigua Computer Technology(ACT)?

ACT is a local and reputed IT provider in Antigua and Carribean region. In our over 30 years of existence, we have been trusted by hundreds of businesses island-wise. With our mission of “bringing our community in the future using technology”, we have partnered with the best service providers of the market to offer the best experience to our clients.

Smart Asset Tracking by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) allows you to truly be in control of your assets and personnel who are a part of complex operations in your business. Monitor & track the location, health and performance of your business assets. Schedule maintenance and use accurate analytics to boost the productivity of complex operations in your business. Contact us today to know how much you can save using Smart Asset Tracking by ACT!

KEY BENEFITS of Smart Asset Tracking by ACT

Real-Time Monitoring & Tracking

Using Smart Asset Tracking by ACT you can track the location, performance, idleness, and health of your assets as well as personnel.

Data-Driven Performance Growth

Access accurate analytics from our interactive dashboards and use thorough insights to boost product performance of your business.

Reduced Downtime

Schedule maintenance & monitor health of your assets to reduce downtime in your business.

Zero Theft Complaints

Track & record the exact location of your company’s assets 24/7 to get zero theft complaints across your business.

Asset Availability & Utilization

Know the availability of all resources on your production floor to maximize utilization and reduce idleness in your business.

Predict Anomaly

Use data recorded from high-tech sensors to predict all sorts of anomaly upon seeing any deviation from the normal pattern.


Smart Asset Tracking by ACT allows you to exactly understand the performance of every aspect of your production floor.

Asset Health Monitoring

Schedule preventive maintenance and track the health of your assets in real-time to ensure their performance in the long run.

Save $260,000 per hour By eliminating downtime in your business Using Smart Asset Tracking!

Businesses will save $1.9 trillion using IoT devices & Smart Asset Tracking!

Businesses in your industry are using Smart Asset Tracking and saving their product costs to a great extent. Smart Asset Tracking by ACT can boost production efficiency by remotely monitoring the performance and health of all your business assets. Talk to us and we will tell you how much you can save in your production cost using our Smart Asset Monitoring solution. Call us today!

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