Industrial IoT

Smart Fleet Management

Manage your vehicle fleet remotely using a centralized live dashboard on a device of your choosing. With live GPS tracking, vehicle health monitoring, powerful reporting, and real-time alerts, monitor your fleet smartly – meet government compliances, save costs and prevent vehicle accidents.

Monitor & Route Vehicles in Real-Time
Vehicle Health Monitoring
Fuel, Idling, Utilization & Routes Reports
Improve Driver Behavior & Efficiency

What Is Smart Fleet Management?

Smart Fleet Management is a technologically advanced way of monitoring and managing your fleet using IoT, smart apps, AI, sensors, and more. Now monitor every aspect of your vehicle fleet remotely using an interactive dashboard on a device of your choice. From live predictive & critical alerts to geofencing, speed limiter and more, smart Fleet Management allows you to remotely manage your fleet – smartly and more efficiently. Use a central monitoring system to manage all your vehicles, drivers, trips, and deliveries.

Why Smart Fleet Management by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT is a local & reliable provider of Smart Fleet Management in Antigua. We have over 30 years of experience as an IT solutions provider and have partnered with the best in the industry to offer top-quality services to our clients.

Smart Fleet Management by ACT gives you parental control over all your vehicles. Ensure the safety of your drivers & vehicles using predictive insights & real-time alerts and take full control of all your deliveries using Smart Fleet Management by ACT. From rule violations, real-time alerts, and vehicle routing to planning vehicle maintenance and more, get everything about your fleet at the tip of your finger. Use Smart Fleet Management by ACT for on-time deliveries and smooth customer experience.

KEY BENEFITS of Fleet Management

Fuel Management

Seamlessly measure and analyze fuel consumption over a period of days or months or for a specific task assignment or per driver or vehicle.

Historical Analytics & Reports

Gain access to information like tracking and diagnostic summary of up to 90 days past with comprehensive graphical reports.


Receive instant alerts for vehicle stops when it arrives at a particular location, fuel levels, theft, over speeding, start of day, route deviation and excessive stoppage or idleness.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Manage and monitor multiple vehicles at once in an intuitive centralized live dashboard – on a computer or on the go.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Keep track of vehicle condition, status, next recommended service time, and more for prime and proper functioning.


Receive an alert every time your vehicle enters or exits a particular location, increasing operational efficiency, transparency, visibility and elevated safety and security levels.

Improve Driver Behavior & Safety

Automatically assess speed limits, brakes usage, reckless driving, extra stops. Hold your drivers accountable for their driving behaviours to extend the life of your vehicle, save fuel consumption, and improve safety on the roads.

On-time Deliveries or Arrivals

Accurately relay the delivery or arrival times of your vehicles to your customers for a more trusted and enhanced customer experience.

Route Optimization

Experience the least hindrances on the road regardless of the number of stops in your route.

Engine Cut

Cut-off the vehicle engine from your phone at any time.

Minimize Carbon Footprint

Conduct your fleet by minimizing CO2 and fuel emissions achieving environmental-healthy operations.

10 secs of an idle vehicle wastes more fuel than restarting the engine.Idling vehicles waste 6 billion gallons of fuel per year in the US alone.

Use Smart Fleet Management to ensure efficient fuel consumption & unparalleled visibility in your fleet and save lots of money!

Your competitors are using Smart Fleet Management to reduce risks, cut-down costs, increase predictability & visibility, and boost operational efficiency of their fleet. It’s the perfect time that you start using the most advanced Smart Fleet Management solution by ACT for your business to leverage AI, IoT, and high-tech sensors for centralized & real-time monitoring and management of all your vehicles. Contact us today!

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