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Get easy access to full-managed, smooth, and super-fast internet connection via InstantNet, starting at $10.

Starting at $10
Anywhere Access
Designed for Students
No Hidden Fees or Contracts

What is InstantNet?

The Internet has become an integral part of every student. Be it for research or study purposes or anything else, every student needs access to a reliable and super-fast internet connection. But here’s the thing. Students usually don’t have resources or time to invest in WiFi equipment or understanding the related complexities. You, as a student, need an always-available internet connection without worrying about the technicalities or equipment involved at an affordable cost. 

InstantNet was created as a one-stop solution of internet connection for students and housing facilities. InstantNet is available at multiple locations such as university campuses, AUD Dorms and Amor Villas. Get access to InstanNet hotspots by easy signup. Sign up and get 3-hour free internet access today! After the expiry of free WiFi, choose the plan that suits your internet requirements and enjoy access to unlimited internet.

Why InstantNet by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT is a local and reputable provider. Over our 30+ years of existence, ACT has been trusted by 500+ businesses and thousands of end-consumers for top-class IT services & products in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands. InstantNet by ACT helps students easy access to superfast and internet connection via hotspots at multiple locations such as student housing facilities, college campuses, and more! ACT has curated multiple internet plans – from $10 to $599, to ensure maximum access to a reliable internet connection through InstantNet for students. Contact us to talk about your internet connection needs and we will suggest the best plan for you!

KEY BENEFITS of InstantNet by ACT

Free Set-Up & Installation

ACT handles the entire setup and installation of InstantNet to guarantee pitch-perfect coverage in the entire student housing facility. Enjoy access to a reliable & super-fast internet connection without worrying about the technicalities!

WiFi On the Go

InstantNet hotspots are installed all over the Antigua. Get access to smooth WiFi experience by simply connected to any of these hotspots.

No hidden fees or contract

Access to smooth and super-fast internet through InstantNet is super easy. You just signup, choose a plan, log in and browse! There are no contracts or hidden fees with InstantNet.

Unlimited WiFi

InstantNet has no monthly data cap. Enjoy access to unlimited, reliable, and super-fast WiFi at affordable prices.

Available at Multiple Locations

InstantNet hotspots are installed at multiple places such as college campuses, dorms, student housing facilities and more.

No Equipment Required

InstantNet is specially designed for students. You don’t need any equipment to get access to unlimited and fast internet access on all your devices.

Reliable and Super-fast Speed

InstantNet is fully managed by ACT. With 30+ industry experience, we understand the IT challenges better than anyone else. Leave I.T. to us and enjoy a smooth, super-fast & uninterrupted WiFi experience on all your devices.

InstantNet offers high-speed mobile internet connectivity at easy prepaid plans for a period ranging from 1 day to 5 months!

InstantNet was created to give easy access to super-fast internet connection for students all over Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands. InstantNet is fully managed by ACT to create a smooth browsing experience for students everywhere – in dorms, college campuses and student housing facilities. Leverage InstantNet to its fullest and don’t let poor internet connection interrupt your studies! Contact us to know more about InstantNet today.

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