ACT’s Special Assistance for the Special Needs

2 min read | Authentic Inclusion


 CT is well known for its support of various initiatives throughout the years. What may not be known however, is that Special Needs is one of the Key Pillars of Support and a cause that is close to the heart of ACT.

The goal and practice of educating children with special needs is to address their individual differences. Children who are diagnosed with ADD, dyslexia or other forms of a learning disabilities are assisted differently to a child who is blind or who has a speech impediment and differently again to a child in a wheelchair or one who uses a hearing aid.  As each child has a unique disability, they are reached in an individual manner. This is the essence of what a special needs program and education provides for those who fall under this umbrella. Here in Antigua, there is one institution known for its works with children with special needs.

In 1970 the Adele School for Special Children was initiated by Canadian citizens Dr. Adele and Mr. Bernard Savoury. At that time, they were seeking to cater to the needs of a child with Downs Syndrome specifically. Not long after their inception, the institution began accepting more students and eventually settled at its current location on Ivor Heath Drive. Today the school caters to about 60 students with multiple difficulties and learning disabilities. Its goal is to provide support to produce well-rounded individuals regardless of their challenges or limitations.

In its efforts to support that goal, ACT has provided Wi-Fi for almost 10 years with no charge to the school. Now, the company has taken another step in their support with a further donation of an HP i5 Power Desktop, an HP 18.5-inch Monitor, a Router, 2 telephones, and 2 UPS to protect the systems.

Like other government-run institutions, the Adele School receives supplies from the Board of Education. Because of the specific requirements of their students,  needs are often not met. Principal Andrea Richards notes how important it is for corporate sponsors to assist in filling the gap. “The donation of the technological devices will meet a need that has existed for a period of time. They will not only facilitate the school with visibility on their Facebook page and the online newsletter,  but will assist teachers in their research and further care for their special need students.”

It is essential that persons with Special Needs are given the tools and resources to aid with communication, mobility, self-care and decision making. It is critical that no child is left behind and it is with this belief that stronger and more progressive communities are built. Business Development Manager of ACT, Andrew Doumith, sees the significance of donations such as this and is committed to continuing to support the school.

“At ACT, we support initiatives that build awareness and assist those with Special Needs. We believe that a disability does not define a character, and it is our goal to contribute in assisting those with special needs not to be overlooked. Our efforts are meant to allow each individual to have a meaningful and significant contribution to society.”