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Enterprise Servers

Experience computing and data processing like never before and leverage it for faster infrastructure launches in your business using the most innovative Enterprise Servers by ACT.

Software-Defined Infrastructure
Faster Infrastructure Deployment
Infrastructure Health Visibility
Certified HPE Dealer & Service Centre

What are Enterprise Servers?

The significance of highly reliable and super secure servers in a business is not a secret. In today’s competitive market-space, you need a capable server that can keep up with your business needs for fast & evolving computing speed to support new service/product launches! Faster data processing has become critical for the functioning of every business. If you follow the technical definition, an enterprise server is a system with hardware & computer programs that serve the collective computing requirements of your entire company.

Enterprise Servers are made up of computer components that are made fault-tolerant using advanced custom software & carrier-grade hardware to support the data processing & computing needs of your business. In a way, your entire business depends on advanced Enterprise Servers for functioning properly. Your business needs a centralized and flexible infrastructure & management solution to ensure faster delivery of your services and products while staying super secure! You need an enterprise server solution that can support the conventional as well as Hybrid Cloud workloads of your businesses while ensuring its cost-optimization, security, and operational simplicity. You need an IT provider who can not only plan and specify Enterprise Servers customized to suit your business requirements but also can handle the complete deployment, security, and support & maintenance.

Why Enterprise Servers by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) has earned the reputation of an end-to-end IT provider in its 30+ years of existence. ACT strives to deliver the best-in-class IT products and services to businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean Islands! We have partnered with the specialists to offer world-class & highly reliable servers for enterprises in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean Islands. HPE is a global leader in offering the most innovative & advanced Enterprise Servers & Storage solutions! For decades, ACT has partnered with HPE for offering top-notch & most-advanced Enterprise Servers to businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean Islands!

With 30+ years of experience, ACT can understand the server requirements of your business better than anyone else in the market. We offer end-to-end Server solutions. ACT can plan, specify, deploy, support & maintain highly reliable & competent servers in your business. Get in touch with us today about the data processing & computing needs of your business, and we can help you stay ahead in the businesses using the most reliable, innovative & scalable Enterprise Server solutions!

KEY BENEFITS of Enterprise Servers by ACT

Reliable & Always Available

Enterprise Servers by ACT are advanced and are backed up by global leaders like HPE. With ACT at your side, you can always rely on their availability for consistent data computing and new infrastructure launches in your business.


Enterprise Servers by ACT are scalable as per the requirements of your business. Use Enterprise Servers by ACT to take your business to the next level without worrying about the servers in your business.

Fast Infrastructure Deployment

Speed up the new infrastructure launches in your business with best-in-class competent servers by ACT. Rapidly launch, compose, and update infrastructure in your business using Enterprise Servers by ACT.

Easily Manageable

Get a complete view of the functioning and health of your infrastructure using Enterprise Servers by ACT.

Optimize Server Costs

With predictable maintenance  & complete visibility, ensure the health of your infrastructure in the long-run and reduce downtime & maintenance costs at the same time!

Software-Defined Infrastructure

Move toward a more capable and scalable Software-Defined Infrastructure using Enterprise Servers by ACT.

Maximize IT Productivity

Make the most of the IT resources at your disposal for business operations and growth using Enterprise Servers by ACT.

Enhance Security

Maintain Data Confidentiality and Integrity using highly secure & innovative Enterprise Servers by ACT in your business.

Certified HPE Dealer & Service Centre

ACT is the only Certified HPE Dealer & Service Centre in Antigua & Barbuda. We process warranties, handle repairs, and offer technical support for HPE product & services.

Did you know? You get a 233% Return On Investment (ROI) using HPE servers.

ACT is the only Authorized & Certified HPE Dealer & Service entre in Antigua & Barbuda, and also serves other Caribbean Islands.

With increasing needs for virtualization, hybrid computing, and demanding workloads, every business needs to implement one infrastructure and one platform to boost performance and speed up delivery! Enterprise Servers by ACT gives you the freedom to leverage digital disruption to your advantage and use it to experience growth like never before. ACT offers end-to-end server solutions – planning, specifying, deployment, support, and maintenance! ACT has 30+ years of experience and you can always rely on us for the best technical support in the market. Contact us today about the Enterprise Server needs of your business!

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