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Guaranteed patient satisfaction and safe healthcare environment with world-class power backup & cooling solutions by ACT.

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What are Healthcare Secure Power Solutions?

Technology is playing a crucial role in defining the quality of patient care in the healthcare industry. The latest technological advancements like digital imaging are continuously increasing accuracy, decreasing risks, and reducing the costs of patient care. Considering the sensitivity of patient care, you cannot afford even a minute of downtime in your healthcare facility. You need a solid infrastructure with consistent and reliable power backup for all the critical assets in your healthcare facility. With increasing electricity costs, you need an IT provider who can help you set up complete, reliable, and secure power backup in your healthcare facility at an optimized cost of ownership.

Healthcare Secure Power Solutions are all about establishing scalable, always available, and future-proof power backup for the electrical infrastructure of your healthcare facility. Besides this, the power backup solutions must also keep up with changing rules and compliances along with offering maximum operational efficiency. From the operating room, nursing stations, and emergency departments to security appliances and other facilities like data centres, telecom closets, and more, every infrastructure plays a significant role in delivering top-notch patient care in your healthcare facility. You need an IT partner who can ensure consistent power backup for your entire healthcare facility and all the pieces of patient care equipment in their every modalities.

Why Healthcare Power Secure Power Solutions by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT is a Premier Certified APC by Schneider Electric Premier Partner & Service Centre facility for UPS solutions – for over two decades. APC by Schneider Electric has been a leader in offering a wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions for different industries. With APC, ACT has been helping healthcare facilities in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands to deliver world-class patient care leveraging stable and always available Power backup solutions!

Considering the potential of life-threatening impacts of even a minute’s downtime in the critical assets of your healthcare facility, you need a reliable power backup supply to serve your patients consistently without fail! And who can better deliver this than Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)? ACT is a recognized IT provider with more than 30 years of experience in delivering top-quality Enterprise Power & Cooling solutions! We can not only help you with design & implementation of an efficient & integrated power distribution system but also can set up a foolproof power backup in your healthcare facility to help you deliver superior patient care and establish a super-secure environment for patients as well as your medical staff and valuable assets!

KEY BENEFITS of Healthcare Secure Power Solutions by ACT

Enhance Productivity

ACT leaves no room for downtime in your healthcare facility with its Healthcare Secure Power backup solutions. Serve your patients without any scope of power interruptions in your business.

Superior Healthcare

With consistent & complete power backup in all the critical assets, you can deliver superior patient care services in your healthcare facility without any risks of power outages or interruptions.

Remote UPS Monitoring

As a simple add-on, you can remotely monitor the performance of your UPS from a device of your choosing, anytime and anywhere.

Maximum Reliability

ACT delivers world-class UPS solutions by APC for your healthcare facility in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands. Our stable Healthcare Secure Power Solutions with redundant batteries help you establish a secure environment for your patients and medical staff.

Patient Satisfaction

With 24/7/365 availability of all the critical assets in your facility using Healthcare Secure Power solutions by ACT, you can serve your patients more efficiently than ever!

World-class UPS Solutions

ACT is a Certified Premier Partner and Service Centre of APC by Schneider Electric – a leader and global provider of Power & Cooling Solutions for over two decades.

Best Technical Support & Maintenance

ACT has more than 30 years of experience as an IT-provider and we can understand the IT requirements of your business better than anyone else.

Optimized Cost of Ownership

ACT helps healthcare facilities to establish a complete and futuristic power backup for all the critical assets. This optimizes the overall cost of ownership to a great extent and ensures the health of all the important patient care equipment in the long run.

Financial Performance

With complete monitoring and control over the design, performance and consumption of your energy infrastructure, eliminate pain areas, increase efficiency, and boost financial performance of your healthcare facility.

Did You Know? ACT is the only Certified APC Premier Partner and Service Centre in Antigua & Barbuda.

With its Healthcare Secure Power Backup Solutions,ACT can help you save up to 30% on the operating costs!

You cannot afford to risk the lives of your patients on the instability of the energy infrastructure in your healthcare facility. ACT can help you set up a reliable, always available, and secure power & cooling solution in your healthcare facility to ensure seamless delivery of superior medical care and guaranteed patient satisfaction. With 30+ years of experience as an IT provider, we can understand the IT needs of your healthcare facility better than anyone else. Contact us today to talk about the stable and reliable power back up needs for the electrical infrastructure in your healthcare facility!

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