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Get guaranteed performance and reduce downtime of data centre in your business using end-to-end Critical Cooling solutions by ACT!

End-to-End Critical Cooling
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Carrier-Grade Hardware
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What is Critical Cooling?

In the simplest terms, heat is generated every time electricity is consumed by IT equipment (data centre). If not compensated, this heat can affect the performance of the IT infrastructure in your business. Critical Cooling helps to compensate for this generated heat and not letting it affect the performance of your IT infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if you have a few high-density IT appliances or an entire IT infrastructure including data centre, network closets, etc. in your business; critical cooling plays a significant role in removing the heat generated by IT equipment and thus, preventing it from getting affected. In spite of the fact that there are two types of cooling, Precision Cooling for data centre is completely different than comfort cooling which is designed for people.

Typically 90% of electricity used to power a piece of equipment gets converted into heat energy. As such, Critical cooling solutions play a key role in all kinds of critical IT processes. Inefficient cooling can not only impact the immediate performance of your IT infrastructure but can also affect its longevity. The power distribution and IT deployment play a significant role in defining the critical cooling requirements of the IT infrastructure in your business. As such, to ensure that the IT infrastructure of your business operates at maximum efficiency, you need an IT provider who can plan, implement, maintain and support Precision Cooling solutions as per the power requirements & specifications of the IT infrastructure in your business.

Why Critical Cooling Solutions by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT is a local and reputable IT provider that is trusted by many businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands. With 30+ years of experience in the industry, we can understand the IT challenges and requirements of your business better than anyone else! With our Enterprise Power & Cooling Solutions, we aim to help the IT infrastructure of businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands to operate at maximum efficiency with the help of world-class solutions.

End-to-end Precision Data Centre Cooling is a core element of we do! ACT has partnered with APC by Schneider Electric to deliver Precision Cooling (along with comfort cooling in some cases) solutions to businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean Islands. From Sensible Cooling solutions to Latent Cooling solutions and more, ACT offers end-to-end data centre and IT infrastructure cooling for your business. Contact us about the Critical Cooling requirements of your business today!

KEY BENEFITS of Critical Cooling by ACT

Carrier-Grade Hardware

ACT has partnered with APC, a reputable global provider of Critical Power & Cooling Solutions. Ensure the smooth functioning of your high-density IT equipment in your business using our Critical Cooling Solutions.


ACT can plan, design, deploy, support, and maintain Critical Cooling solutions for the IT infrastructure in your business.

Best Technical Support & Maintenance

With 30+ years of experience as an IT provider, ACT can understand the Critical Cooling requirements of your business better than anyone else!

Precision Data Centre Cooling

Get Precision Air Conditioning for your data centre or other IT rooms in your business to ensure the smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure under controlled temperatures & humidity using our Critical Cooling solutions!

Custom Critical Cooling Architecture

Unlike other IT providers, we specify, architect and implement Critical Cooling solutions as per the requirements of the IT infrastructure of your business.

Healthy Data Centre

Heat generated by high density IT equipment can hamper their functioning in the long term in the absence of the right critical cooling solutions. Critical Cooling solutions by ACT helps you to ensure proper functioning and health of your entire IT infrastructure in the long run!

Zero Downtime & Maximum Productivity

ACT offers custom Critical Cooling solutions for data centre, network closets, racks, and more! With Critical Cooling solutions by ACT in the IT infrastructure of your business, you can ensure maximum productivity in your business!

Did you know? Precision (Critical) Cooling for your Data Centre is different than Comfort Cooling.

ACT offers custom end-to-end Critical Cooling solutions for businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands.

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