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Leverage our expertise in structured cabling to save costs, reduce downtime, increase infrastructure flexibility, and improve adaptability in your business.

Reliable & Future-Proof Connections
Structured Cabling Certification
Maximum Performance
5 Year Labour & Material Warranties

What is Structured Cabling?

Structured Cabling consists of the entire system of wiring and associated infrastructure in your business. It plays a significant part in the functioning of your business – from connecting phones, switches, triggering alarms, and video signals to data transmission and everything in between. Structured Cabling is a more organized and disciplined approach for the cabling infrastructure in your business! It directly affects the efficiency, speed, and overall cost of your business operations. 

In today’s market space where business growth is defined by the interconnectivity, you need a laid out plan for Structured Cabling to improve efficiency, increase adaptability, and enhance manageability via comprehensive wiring/cabling infrastructure. Unlike conventional wiring, Structured Cabling not only helps you immediately identify pain areas and reduce downtime but also adds aesthetic value to the wiring infrastructure of your business. Your business needs an IT provider who can plan, engineer, and deploy Structured Cabling regardless of the scale of your infrastructure.

Why Structured Cabling by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT is a local and trusted end-to-end solution IT provider for more than 30 years. Structure Cabling of your business depends on multiple things such as architectural structure, cables & connection ports, the cabling type, cable length and much more. 

Every business has a unique Structured Cabling requirement and we can understand the wiring requirements of your business better than anyone else in the market simply because we have seen and done it all. ACT can help you bring predictability, prepare backup, ensure flexibility, and future-proof the wiring system architecture using Structured Cabling in your business. Contact us with the Structured Cabling requirements of your business today!

KEY BENEFITS of Structured Cabling by ACT

Structured Cabling Certification

ACT helps businesses to meet industry certified standards of cabling infrastructure through Structured Cabling.


Structured Cabling by ACT is one of the most-effective IT decisions for your business. It not only boosts productivity but also makes it easier to troubleshoot problems and connect more hardware items in the infrastructure.

Reliable & Future-Proof Connections

Structured Cabling by ACT is a future-proof investment for your business. We not only ensure maximum performance for your business that is built to last decades through Structured Cabling, but also leave room for future modifications/additions in the long run.


Structured Cabling by ACT brings reliability in the wiring infrastructure of your business and makes it easier to manage. Make any major or minor changes to the cabling infrastructure easily and quickly.

Scalability & Adaptability

Use Structured Cabling and prepare the wiring infrastructure for business growth in the future.

Reduced Risks of Downtime

Structured Cabling reduces the risks of downtime to a great extent. Besides, organized cabling also makes troubleshooting easier.

Did you know?
Poor electrical distribution is the 2nd largest reason for property damage.

Businesses around you are saving money while ensuring efficiency of their business operations using Structured Cabling. With more than 30 years of experience as an IT provider, ACT can help you increase efficiency, productivity, reduce downtime, bring scalability, and enhance adaptability in your business using Structured Cabling. Talk to us about your Structured Cabling needs and prepare your business for future growth today!

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