Next-Generation Firewalls

Establish a completely secure network in your business using advanced Next-Generation Firewalls by ACT against evolving cyber threats.

Next-Generation Firewalls by Cisco
End-to-End Cybersecurity Solutions
Complete Network Visibility and Control
World-Class Integrated Hardware & Software

What are Next-Generation Firewalls?

With everything moving online, threats to cybersecurity have become more real than ever. You need advanced cybersecurity solutions to ensure maximum visibility and protection against any possible threats in the future. In simpler words, Firewalls monitor the entire traffic on your business’ network. Next-Generation Firewalls are a step towards securing your company’s network. You need comprehensive security solutions to prepare against the evolving cyber-threats and Next-Generation firewalls are the first-line defence for the network security in your business. Instead of standard firewalls, companies are extensively choosing Next-Generation Firewalls to deal with evolving cyber threats to their network such as application-layer attacks.

Due to increased traffic and chunks of data, business networks have become more vulnerable than ever! And considering that the functioning of your entire business depends on a secure network, you cannot afford to compromise on its security. Be it your application network or important product/service launches, your business relies on the agility and security of network/cloud. The first step is to segment the traffic and add authentication steps to ensure that the devices on your business’s network are only the authorized ones! You need an IT provider who can help you implement & integrate advanced cybersecurity measures like Next-Generation Firewalls in your existing network infrastructure. With 30+ years of industry experience, who can be better than Antigua Computer Technology(ACT)?

Why Next-Generation Firewalls by Antigua Computer Technology(ACT)?

Completely securing the network infrastructure of your business requires deployment of cybersecurity tools across the perimeter, on-premises, and in the cloud. ACT understands the cybersecurity needs of your business better than anyone else in the market. Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) is dedicated to providing world-class cybersecurity to businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands.

ACT offers Next-Generation Firewalls for the network security of your business. Get complete visibility, predictability, and control over your company’s network. Control the traffic’s network on a granular level and prepare it against evolving cyber threats! ACT has partnered with reputed providers of Next-Generation Firewalls like Cisco to help companies in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands establish a completely impregnable business network. Use our Cybersecurity Solutions to improve visibility & agility of your business network while reducing downtime and saving management costs. Talk to us about the cybersecurity needs of your business today!

KEY BENEFITS of Next-Generation Firewalls by ACT


ACT helps businesses with custom & advanced cybersecurity solutions. We design, specify, implement, and maintain a completely secure network at every layer for businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean islands.

Next-Generation Firewalls by Cisco

Cisco is a global provider of Network Firewalls. ACT offers Next-Generation Firewalls by Cisco for businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean Islands. We have other Next-Generation firewall offerings as well.

Easy Integrations

ACT helps you integrate high-end security features to the existing network infrastructure of your business without any costly upgrades.

Unprecedented Visibility

Next-Generation firewalls give you complete visibility and monitoring control across your business networks. Protect your network from cyber threats with complete control over the connected devices.

Technical Expertise

ACT comes with 30+ years of experience as an IT provider. We can understand the cybersecurity requirements of your business better than anyone else!

Best-in-class Firewall Security

Get best-in-class Firewall security with ACT. WE help you secure your cloud, application network, and the entire IT infrastructure of your business!

Reduce Downtime and Management Costs

with advanced protection against cyber threats, minimize downtime of your business network and reduce management costs!

50% of businesses have witnessed an increase in the number of cyber threats over the past few years.

ACT offers Next-Generation Firewalls by Cisco and other reputed IT providers for businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Caribbean Islands!

Firewalls are the first line of defence against a cyber threat. You need Next-Generation Firewalls to protect your business’ network at an early stage. Evolving cyberthreats are proving to be fatal for businesses worldwide. With ACT’s Next-Generation Firewalls protect your data from falling into the wrong hands and get complete visibility across your network and cloud. Contact us today to know how you can help your business fight against cyberthreats using our Next-Generation Firewalls!

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