Endpoint Protection & Management

Your network is only as secure as your weakest endpoint device. Use advanced Endpoint Protection & Management solutions to establish a completely secure business network from end-to-end.

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection
Quick Disaster Response
Complete Protection & Management of All Endpoints
Partners: Webroot, Cisco (AMP), & IBM (BigFix)

What is Endpoint Protection & Management?

According to a survey, small businesses (100 or fewer employees) face a similar chance of cyber threat as a conglomerate! Every business is equally exposed to hackers and cyber threats these days. Some cyberattacks are not targeted and might just bypass your network defence or steal login credentials. On the other hand, cyberattacks can be highly targeted, impactful, and invasive that can affect your business at its core! Those days are long gone when the only line of defence used is anti-virus software. The first step to cyber securing your network is securing endpoints in your business and preventing any threats to cybersecurity caused due to human errors such as zero-day exploits and inadvertent data leaks. This is what Endpoint Protection & Management is all about!

Endpoint Protection & Management is securing and managing the endpoint devices in your business that collectively impacts the cybersecurity of the entire network. Endpoint Protection & Management offers you comprehensive centralized security solutions to protect the endpoints such as servers, individual workstations, and connected mobile devices. In lieu of evolving cyber threats, you need an aggressive, holistic Endpoint Protection & Management solution provider who can deliver a centralized product that delivers antivirus, personal firewalls, and other prevention capabilities for host intrusion for the endpoint devices in your business network.

Why Endpoint Protection & Management by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT can help you integrate the most advanced Endpoint Protection and Management capabilities to your existing security measures to deploy a proactive approach with smart capabilities like data encryption and data loss prevention. ACT partners with the leading Endpoint Protection & Management providers to deliver world-class cybersecurity capabilities for businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and the other Caribbean islands! We strategize, specify, deploy, and maintain Endpoint Protection & Management solutions for businesses in Antigua & Barbuda.

Monitor and control every endpoint device in your business network to ensure complete security with comprehensive and advanced Endpoint Management & Protection solutions by ACT. Cisco is a leader in endpoint protection and is one of our partners for Endpoint Protection & Management solution. In today’s increasing popularity of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) culture, ACT enables your business to not only protect your endpoint devices against cyber threats like phishing attacks but to detect a threat beforehand and use advanced automated responses to stop/nullify it before its impact. Talk to ACT about the Endpoint Protection & Management needs of your business and we will help you establish an impregnable network today!

KEY BENEFITS of Endpoint Protection & Management

Hassle-Free Deployment

ACT offers end-to-end – design, specify, deploy, and support Endpoint Protection & Management solutions for your business. Leave I.T. to us.

Remote Management

Using our most advanced Endpoint Protection & Management Solution, remotely manage every connected endpoint devices in your business network.

Complete Visibility

Our innovative Endpoint Management & Protection gives you complete visibility over all the connected endpoint devices in your network. Monitor the activities of your endpoint devices and see a threat miles before its attack!

Advanced Automated Response

Our Endpoint Management & Protection solution not only detects but stops a cyber threat at its earliest stage using proactive automated responses.

Relentless Breach Defense

With a highly reliable Endpoint Protection and Management in place, eliminate the chances of a cyberattack or threat and ensure maximum productivity in your business.

Cisco AMP by Cisco

Cisco is the most reputed provider of Endpoint Protection and other Cybersecurity solutions. ACT partners with Cisco and other reputed providers to deliver world-class cybersecurity protection for business in Antigua & Barbuda and other Carribean Islands.

Easy Integration

ACT prevents you from costly upgrades by integrating advanced Endpoint Management & Protection capabilities to your existing cybersecurity infrastructure.

Online and Offline Protection

ACT helps you to protect the endpoint devices of your business even when they are offline with our most innovative Endpoint Protection and Management solutions.

Secure Distributed Cloud Architecture

Support the endpoint devices of your consumers as well as wandering users to ensure complete security of your business network with redundancy.

Did You Know? 36% of businesses experience more than one serious breach or compromise per year.

ACT is a Premier Partner of Webroot, Cisco(AMP), & IBM (BigFix)! Contact ACT for best-in-class Cybersecurity Solutions!

Cyber threats have become more advanced over the years and your business must do better than antivirus software. Use our Endpoint Management & Protection solutions to remotely manage endpoints, detect, and stop a threat before its impact! Besides adding multi-layer protection in your business network, add advanced security capabilities to your existing cybersecurity measures. Contact ACT to discuss the Endpoint Protection & Management needs of your business today!

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