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Secure your business on all ends while ensuring the best print quality using the most advanced printers and OEM printer supplies by ACT.

Authorized & Certified HP Dealer and Service Centre
Local Warranty Processing & Repairs
End-to-End Printer & Supplies Provider
HP Genuine OEM Printer Supplies

What are Printers & Supplies?

Printers have become an inevitable part of every business from all industries. Companies rely on printers for their day-to-day activities. Be it the employee agreement, client proposal or anything else, Printers & Supplies have become an integral part of all the business processes. Why should you care about the quality of Printers & Supplies being used in your business? One simple reason – it’s about your business and its security & sustainability. 

All modern printers claim to have features like WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity. These built-in advanced features, however convenient, increase the cybersecurity risks to your business. This is where the significance of top-quality printers comes in! Using best-in-class printers from globally renowned manufacturers like HP helps you to make the most of your investment. Considering the reliability of every business on its IT infrastructure, building a profitable and sustainable IT environment for your business is as important as having one. Using low-quality generic ink & toner cartridges and other printer supplies decreases the print quality and can significantly reduce the lifespan of your printers. Besides this, using third-party printer supplies defeats the whole idea of reducing carbon footprint and establishing a healthy & sustainable printing environment in your business. You need an IT provider who can offer world-class printers, genuine OEM ink & toner cartridges, and other printing supplies.

Why Printers & Supplies by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) is a certified HP dealer and service centre in Antigua & Barbuda. ACT stores are the one-stop destination for all the Printers & Supplies needs of your business in Antigua. With 30+ years of industry experience, we understand the IT challenges of your business better than anyone else. ACT is a go-to, trusted resource for best-in-class printers, genuine printer supplies, and top-notch printer servicing.

Shield your business from data and security breaches on all fronts with our range of HP printers. Each model is equipped with built-in functionalities that deter and stop attacks in real-time, so your business is secure from all sides. From hardware, software, and security, every business can rely on ACT for the most innovative and advanced Laser & Inkjet printers in the market. Contact ACT to talk about the Printer & Supplies needs of your business today!

KEY BENEFITS of Printers & Supplies by ACT

Authorized & Certified HP Dealer & Service Centre

ACT is a certified HP dealer & service centre in Antigua & Barbuda. We offer world-class printers, genuine Printer ink & toner Supplies and top-notch servicing.

Local Warranty Processing & Repairs

ACT is the only company in Antigua that can process official HP warranties in Antigua & Barbuda. We are your one-stop destination for all your Printers & Supplies needs of your business.

Printer Security

ACT offers a range of HP printers that come with advanced built-in features to detect and counter a cyber threat in real-time. Some of the security features of HP printers are device security, data protection, and monitoring & management.

Access Controls

HP printers come with role-based access controls that help you establish an impregnable security wall in your company.


HP printers by ACT allow you to print from anywhere using a web connection! Benefit from the mobility of your printers in your business while ensuring complete security.

Print Quality

HP is a renowned global manufacturer of top-quality printers. Rest assured of the print quality when using HP printers by ACT!

Agile & Scalable

ACT is a go-to IT partner. Our printer solutions are agile and scalable. Click to know more about Managed Print Services (MPS)!

The average IT department spends 15% of its time on printing issues.

ACT can help you maintain a sustainable and profitable printing environment with top-quality HP Printers & Supplies and Servicing.

Every business in Antigua & Barbuda needs a reliable IT partner that can handle their evolving needs for a sustainable and healthy printing environment. And there is no one better than ACT. Besides being a certified HP dealer and service centre, ACT comes with 30+ years of experience in the industry. Talk to us about the Printers & Supplies needs of your business today!

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