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What is Managed Print Service (MPS)?

In today’s disruptive market space where the IT challenges of businesses are changing rapidly, it makes more sense than ever to opt XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service) for your company. Managed Printing Services are a step towards creating a sustainable IT environment for your business. These services not only help businesses to make the most of their investment but also bring a lot to the table – a healthy printing environment, increased productivity, optimized printer maintenance costs, predictable cost structure, and much more!

Irrespective of the industry, printers have become an inevitable part of every business. Having said that, if you are investing in printers why not make the most of it? Allow us to break this down. There is a huge upfront cost associated with printer purchase. Besides this, there are other costs such as ink & toner costs, maintenance costs, and more! Managed Printing Services helps you save tons of hard-earned business dollars. With an affordable monthly fee, you save any upfront costs, maintenance charges, and ink & toner costs. You need an IT provider who can help your business make the most of Managed Printing Services and ensure timely repairs, healthy printers, ink & toner refill or replacement, and more!

Why Managed Printing Services by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

ACT is an Authorized HP Dealer & Service Centre in Antigua & Barbuda. You can rely on us for best-in-class repairs, OEM ink & toner cartridges, and technical support. With over 30+ years of experience as an IT provider, ACT can help you with the sale, installation, and maintenance of carrier-grade equipment & services. Save lots of money and time while maintaining a healthy and always available printing environment by integrating ACT’s Managed Printing Services to your business’ IT Strategy.

ACT understands the printing requirements of your business and develops a comprehensive & most profitable Managed Printing Solution for your business. This helps you to maximize resource allocation, reduce carbon footprint, optimize the cost of ownership, minimize downtime, and maintain healthy printers in the long run. Our Managed Printing Services, but not limited to, are: printer SLA service contracts, worry-free ink & toner replenishment & delivery, and super-fast on-site repairs! Contact us to talk about our Managed Print Service (MPS) today! Focus on the core competencies of your business and leave your IT to ACT.

KEY BENEFITS of Managed Printing Services by ACT

End-to-end Custom Solution

ACT understands the printing requirements of your business for putting together the most profitable Managed Printing Solution for your business that includes Hardware, Supplies, Services, and Software!

Predictable Cost Structure

With an affordable monthly fee, you can get rid of maintenance charges, ink & toner costs, and more while maintaining a healthy and always available printing environment.

Maximized Availability

With our semi-annual printer maintenance and on-site repairs, ensure minimum downtime and maximum availability for the printers in your business.

Timely On-site Repairs

ACT provides guaranteed on-site printer repairs within 4 hours of whenever you need our support under its Managed Printing Services.

Printer Servicing

ACT ensures the health of all the printers in your business with our semi-annual printer servicing. Use Managed Printer Services by ACT to establish a sustainable & healthy printing environment in the long run.

Ink & Toner Delivery

ACT takes care of your printer supplies – ink & toner by delivering them at your facility when you need them. Focus on your business without worrying about your printers with Managed Printer Services by ACT.

Printer Security

ACT not only helps you to set up a healthy printing environment but also ensures its security. We help you identify potential vulnerabilities in your printing environment, define network access and protect device settings to prevent any unwanted leakage of business-critical information.

Sustainable Printing Environment

Besides helping you make the most of your printer investment, ACT helps you establish a sustainable printing environment by minimizing carbon footprint, reducing waste, recycling ink & toner cartridges, and more!

Did you know? You can save up to 30% on your overall printing costs using Managed Printing Services (MPS).

ACT customizes Managed Print Services as per the printing requirements of your business.

With 30+ years of industry experience, ACT can understand the IT challenges of your business better than anyone else. Use customized Managed Printing Services by ACT at an affordable monthly fee to cut-down costs, maximize availability, establish sustainability, and maintain a healthy printing environment in your business. Call us today to talk about the printing requirements of your business.

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