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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Optimize storage usage, boost data security, and bring cost efficiency by using scalable and customized Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for your business.

Scalability & Availability
Highly Reliable
Zero Downtime
Unmatched Technical Expertise
Customized Storage Solutions

What is IaaS in Cloud Computing?

In short, IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service in cloud computing is a managed online data centre for your business. In the IaaS model, a cloud provider offers virtualized computing resources over the Internet to host your company needs. In today’s disruptive market space, businesses are increasingly choosing IaaS in cloud computing over having an on-premise physical data centre. The IaaS model in cloud computing caters to the required computing speed, flexibility, accessibility, and scalability needs of businesses while saving money!

As per the cloud provider you choose, the IaaS can be a valuable asset to your company. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) combined with Backup, Data Recovery, and Business Continuity can help you focus your business resources on core competencies rather than on trivial problems related to storage, security, accessibility, and such others.

Why IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)?

The benefits of IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service combined with the technical expertise of ACT are endless. Not only is Antigua Computer Technology an IT provider for more than 30 decades, but it also is trusted by hundreds of businesses in Antigua & Barbuda and other Carribean Islands. With its experience of over 3 decades as a technology provider, ACT can help your business with its end-to-end tailored Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for your cloud computing needs.

Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) offers IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service in Antigua & Barbuda and all Carribean Islands. With managed Infrastructure as a Service by ACT, bring cost-efficiency and agility in your business while experiencing faster computing, better stability, reliability, scalability, and flexibility. Access your company’s data anytime and anywhere with zero infrastructure charges using IaaS by ACT. Contact us today to know more about our IaaS offerings for your business.

KEY BENEFITS of IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service in Cloud Computing

Cost Benefits

Get virtualized computing resources with ACT’s tailed IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service, save money in terms of infrastructure costs, maintenance costs, and more!

Better Accessibility

Access your company’s data anytime and anywhere using the Internet with IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service by ACT.

Flexibility & Scalability

You can scale up or down your virtual data centre as per your storage & computing speed requirements.

Faster Computing

Roll out your new products & services faster using faster-computing speed with IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service by ACT.

Better Data Security

With relevant service agreement, ACT can cater to the security needs – data, application, and more, of your business using IaaS.

24/7 Monitoring & Management

You get complete visibility across your company’s cloud using IaaS by ACT. We offer you comprehensive reports regarding the usage and accessibility of your company’s cloud.

Unmatched Technical Expertise

With 30 years of experience as an IT provider, ACT can understand your business needs better than anyone else in the market!

Better Reliability

With IaaS by ACT, you don’t have to maintain or upgrade your hardware to enjoy additional benefits. Besides this, IaaS combined with Backup, Data Recovery, and Business Continuity as a Service by ACT can provide you more secure, transparent, and scalable data storage for your business.

Technical Support

You can rely on ACT for best technical support on tailored and customized Cloud Services for your business.

Companies are adopting Cloud Infrastructure as a Service at a rate of 33.7%!

On-premise servers are not properly utilized and you can save up to 70% using the flexibility of Cloud IaaS!

On-premise servers are not properly utilized and you can save up to 70% using the flexibility of Cloud IaaS!

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