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Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Business Continuity as-a-Service

Use comprehensive strategies to create data backup of critical assets & vital systems and ensure Recovery & Continuity of your business after a disaster.

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Colocated Backup
Tried & Tested Business Continuity Strategies
Disaster-Proof Data Centres

What is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

With the increasing value of data usage in businesses, every company needs to have well-planned Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery strategies in place to protect its data and get back in the market after a disaster such as cyber-attacks or natural causes – earthquake, flood, etc. 

While Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are intertwined, Data Backup is creating complete & multiple backups of your company’s data that can be used effectively after an unplanned disruption. Right from restoring the functions of critical assets to ensuring functioning of IT infrastructure, hardware, and more, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery aim at reducing service outage & business downtime post-disaster. With the introduction of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, businesses and government entities are becoming more and more vulnerable to unplanned disruption!

Why Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Business Continuity as-a-Service by ACT?

You need an IT partner who can not only help you with strategies for Data Recovery and Business Continuity but also help you to implement it with top quality hardware and cloud services. ACT is a local IT service provider and has been trusted by hundreds of businesses over three decades. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, ACT can understand the IT needs of your business better than anyone else in the market. 

End-to-end Business Continuity solutions by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT) allow you to not only get back in the market after a disaster but also keeps your business operations and related data perfectly safe. Right from creating offline/online data backups to colocated, cold site VM, hot site VM, and more, ACT helps you create a complete cloud data backup and ensure Business Continuity even when the most critical assets of your business face unplanned disruption.

KEY BENEFITS of Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Business Continuity by ACT

Data Backup

Get complete and secure backup of your business operations and data with Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Business Continuity by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT)

Cost-effective Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan by ACT is a cost-effective option of getting the critical assets and infrastructure of your business up & running after a disaster.

Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan by ACT allows your company to continue functioning with minimal service outage after an unforeseen disruption.


ACT helps you formulate a foolproof plan backed by carrier-grade infrastructure to deal with an unplanned interruption or a disaster.

World Class Infrastructure

ACT has partnered with the most reputed providers in the market to offer the best services to our clients. You get access to world-class infrastructure such as carrier-grade data centres and super-secure cloud to deal with a disaster.

24/7 Monitoring

With 24/7 monitoring by ACT, the chances of unplanned disruption and business downtime are minimized to a great extent.

Data Security

In today’s data-driven business landscape, ACT helps you protect the integrity of your data using the most advanced infrastructure and security protocols.

Disaster-Proof Data Centres

Our natural disaster-proof data centres helps your business to stand back in the market with minimum service outage and downtime after a disaster.

Over 90% of companies without a business continuity plan fail after a disaster.

On average, businesses lose USD $197500, just in revenues, during an unplanned disruption!

Your competitors are launching new products and improving their consumer experience every minute you spend in dealing with disaster. You need tried & tested backup, data recovery, and business continuity plans to continue functioning instantly & effectively after an unplanned disruption. Contact ACT to know how we can help you with Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity of your business today!

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